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中国各地庆元宵 Various activities held across China to greet upcoming Lantern Festival
中国正开发400公里以上智能高铁 China working on 400 kmh high-speed bullet trains
““少林”国外排第一 "Shaolin" the most well-known Chinese word overseas
世界最长跨海大桥隧道全面建成 Major tunnel of the world's longest cross-sea bridge completed
渤海浮冰美景吸引大批游客 Floating sea ice attracts visitors to Bohai Bay
10万余游客因浓雾滞留海南 Heavy fog strands over 100,000 tourists in Hainan
中国高铁提供多种套餐 Various set meals available on China's high-speed trains
国家博物馆举办春联展 Exhibition showcases 'chunlian' couplets
圣诞老人的故乡庆春节 'Santa's hometown' celebrates Chinese New Year
曼谷新生儿身着中国传统服装 Newborn babies dressed in traditional Chinese clothes in Bangkok
悉尼进入“春节时间” Sydney gears up for Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations
北海珍珠养殖业复苏 Pearl cultivation is coming back in Beihai
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