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“姑妈”回娘家过苗年 Wives from China's Miao ethnic group return home for Miaonian festival
兄弟沙漠里开荒种枣 Brothers plant red date trees in the desert
航拍河南绝壁公路 Running on the edge of the cliff
美国金融大鳄女儿们秀中文 Jim Rogers' daughters show off perfect mandarin
世界小姐全球总决赛 印度美女夺魁 India's Manushi Chhillar wins Miss World 2017
汉语在俄罗斯有多火? Chinese language use growing in Russia
香港办车坛盛会,超吸睛 Motor's Gala was held in Hong Kong
世界上唯一的鱼葬村 A village fish treated as friend not food
惊心动魄的婚纱照!Newlyweds dangled from a cliff for wedding photos
农民用玉米盖出“黄金屋” Chinese farmer builds golden yard with corn
劈叉秀出新高度 College students show their terrific stretching ability
机器人到医院帮忙啦 Robots help with medicine delivery
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