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退伍老兵登山拉练庆八一 A unique way to mark China's 90th Army Day
中国解放军震撼军演 PLA's 90th birthday Grand Military Parade Highlights
怀双胞胎9个月仍健身 Woman keeps up exercise during twin pregnancy
高温下的训练场 Armed police officers training in 38°C temperatures
美味昆虫你敢吃吗?Eating insects benefits both your health and the environment
中小学生接受“特种兵”训练 Children attend military training summer camps
花海中上演军旅风集体婚礼 Group military wedding among fields of flowers
4岁孩子唤醒植物人父亲 Vegetative father regains consciousness through son's love
“害虫”助力发展 Raising locusts to develop
机器人做主刀医生 Robot surgeon
夏天“死海”里玩漂浮 Floating on a lake in the hot summer
浙江“云端芭蕾”Slackline competition in the peaks of Zhejiang
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