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中国发布全球首辆“无轨列车” "Virtual track train" debuted in China
中央美院送毕业生“瓜田”Free watermelon at art school exhibition
特大濒危动物走私网被摧毁 An endangered animal smuggling gang was busted
中国的麦收季节到了!It's wheat harvesting season in China!
巴基斯坦举办中国风筝展 Kites of different designs were displayed in Pakistan
大妈汽车后备箱上烤肉烤虾 An old woman had a barbecue on car's trunk
“猴王”护猴儿 Monkey "King" and his monkey group
母爱助脑瘫儿上哈佛 Single mom's love sees disabled son through to Harvard
汪星人两条腿走路,可爱还是残忍?Is this cute or cruel?
猜猜她多大了?Guess how old is she?
农民用废旧材料造铁马 Farmer build iron horse with discarded materials
夏日避暑好方法 Ways of staying cool in summer
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