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新生军训秀绝活 Students have fun with military training
茶园绿道中的自行车赛 Fresh air riding in Zhejiang!
重庆现“波浪形”公路 The ups and downs of Chongqing city life
一男子骑电动车拉7罐煤气 A delivery man driving an e-bike balancing 7 gas tanks
一张嘴里可放8个勺 What?Eight spoons were put in one mouth?
24年之久的马戏表演被叫停 Circus put an end at Guangzhou Zoo
稻田里的鸭“管家” Ducks are hard at work in paddy fields
残疾人艺术家表演《千手观音》 Thousand Hands Guan Yin in dance performed by deaf-mute
涨见识:不停、没有门的电梯 Meet the non-stop elevator
台湾现大片死鱼 Large numbers of dead fish have appeared in Taipei
中国“1号公路”通车啦!China's Route 1 road opened!
中国内陆河水上运动会开赛 Water sport competition kicked off
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