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2017年度汉字候选字词出炉 Hottest Chinese words, characters of 2017 announced
“村官鸡”帮农民脱贫致富 One man's story of helping a village escape poverty
中俄举行联合反恐演练 China and Russia hold joint anti-terrorism training
西成高铁今日全线开通 Xi'an - Chengdu high-speed railway starts operation
新研究帮助识别“网瘾” New study tells signs of screen addiction
冰雪大世界开始采冰了 Ice harvest for Harbin Ice Festival
警犬“敬礼”送别老兵 Goodbye my dear friend!
ofo进军全球第十九国印度 Chinese bike-sharing company ofo to enter India
叶子上的“二十四节气”"Twenty-Four Solar Terms" on tree leaves
踩着高跷跳街舞 Street dance on stilts
女司机搀扶男子过马路 Woman selflessly helps man across street
“姑妈”回娘家过苗年 Wives from China's Miao ethnic group return home for Miaonian festival
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