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特朗普5岁外孙女秀中文啦! US President Donald Trump's young granddaughter shows her Chinese
A 75-year-old yoga teacher 75岁的瑜伽教练
学生体验春耕 Students experience farming techniques
“大白鲸”升空 A captive balloon floating in air
300多名小学生的花样方阵表演 Mass Choreography by primary school students
无臂男孩能常人之所能 A story of ability!
大学校园飞机导弹俱全 Aircrafts and missile displayed on a university campus
7岁女孩减肥 Little girl seeks treatment for obesity
监狱举办服饰秀 A fashion show held at prison
采茶时节到!Time for picking tea leaves
翡翠“盛宴” The banquet made from jade!
暖心交警护送老人过马路 Thumbs-up to the police officers!
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