Learn through News

巴士变婚车 Buses transformed into wedding limousines
与鲨共舞 The man enjoys dancing with sharks
中国茶园旅游正当时 Tea plantation tourism industry is booming
一年一度的泼水节来啦! Annual Water Splashing Festival is on
重庆现内地首座颠倒屋 Upside down house in Chongqing
医生被美联航暴力拖下飞机 Doctor forcibly dragged off United Airlines
500多件鳄鱼制品被查获 Over 500 illegal Siamese crocodile products were seized
特朗普5岁外孙女秀中文啦! US President Donald Trump's young granddaughter shows her Chinese
A 75-year-old yoga teacher 75岁的瑜伽教练
学生体验春耕 Students experience farming techniques
“大白鲸”升空 A captive balloon floating in air
300多名小学生的花样方阵表演 Mass Choreography by primary school students
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