Congratulations 祝贺(1)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2017-08-07 10:10:16
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Cam: Yajie, my friend just passed a very important company test. How should I say congrats to him in Chinese?
YJ: You can say “祝贺你! ”
Cam: zhu4 he4 ni3.
YJ: 祝贺 zhu4 he4 means congratulate.
CM: zhu4 he4.
YJ: 你 ni3 means you,
CM: ni3.
YJ: 祝贺你 zhu4 he4 ni3.
CM: zhu4 he4 ni3. Congratulations.
YJ: You can also say “恭喜你 gong1 xi3 ni3”
CM: gong1 xi3 ni3
YJ: 恭喜 gong1 xi3 also means congratulate.  
CM: gong1 xi3.
YJ: 恭喜你 gong1 xi3 ni3
CM: gong1 xi3 ni3 Congratulations. 


(1)A: 我通过测试了!
B: 祝贺你!
(2)A: 我终于拿到驾照了。
B: 恭喜你。

YJ: Cam, we have been doing Chinese Studio for a year, which calls for a celebration.
Cam: That’s right. How do I say that?
YJ: You can say 这值得庆祝一下。
CM:zhe4 zhi2de2 qing4zhu4 yi2xia4.
YJ:这 zhe4 means it,
YJ:值得 zhi2de2, call for,

YJ:庆祝 qing4zhu4 means a celebration,  
YJ:一下 yi2xia4, a little bit,
YJ:这值得庆祝一下。 zhe4 zhi2de2 qing4zhu4 yi2xia4.
CM:zhe4 zhi2de2 qing4zhu4 yi2xia4. This calls for a celebration.


A: 合同终于签下来了。
B: 这值得庆祝一下.

YJ: Cam, one of my best friends just got engaged.
CM: That’s really great. How did you respond to this great news?
YJ: I said to her “我真为你高兴!”, which means I’m so happy for you.
CM: wo3 zhen1 wei4 ni3 gao1 xing4.
YJ: 我 wo3 means I,
CM: wo3,
YJ: 真 zhen1 means so,
CM: zhen1.
YJ: 为你 wei4 ni3, for you,
CM: wei4 ni3.
YJ: 高兴 gao1 xing4, happy.
CM: gao1 xing4.
YJ: 我真为你高兴 wo3 zhen1 wei4 ni3 gao1 xing4.
CM: wo3 zhen1 wei4 ni3 gao1 xing4. I’m so happy for you.


(1)A: 我马上就要结婚了。
B: 是吗?我真为你高兴。


Key words reminder
Congratulations! 祝贺你! This calls for a celebration. 这值得庆祝一下. I’m so happy for you. 我真为你高兴! All in today’s Chinese studio.


Cam: We’ve run out of time.
YJ:  Time for our question of the day. How do you say “I’m so happy for you” in Chinese? 

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