Work 工作(1)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2017-09-18 11:35:40
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Key Words of the Day

teacher, 老师, policeman, 警察, journalist, 记者 lawyer律师, What do you do?  你是做什么工作的? I work at a bank.我在银行工作。I work at a radio station.我在电台工作。

Cam: Okay Yajie, a common question to ask is, what do you do?

YJ: Right, if somebody asks you this, you will hear ni3 shi4 zuo4 shen2me gong1 zuo4 de?

Cam: ni3 shi4 zuo4 shen2me gong1 zuo4 de?

YJ: ni3 means you,

Cam: ni3. 

YJ: zuo4 means do,

Cam: zuo4, 

YJ: shen2me means what, 

Cam: shen2me,

YJ: gong1 zuo4 means job. 

Cam: gong zuo,

YJ: ni3 shi4 zuo4 shen2me gong1 zuo4 de?

Cam: ni3 shi4 zuo4 shen2me gong1 zuo4 de? What do you do?

Conversation 1:

A: 你是做什么工作的?

B: 我在大学教书。你呢?你是做什么工作的?


Cam: Now let’s say I work at a bank.

YJ: Okay.  You would answer wo zai yinhang gong zuo.

Cam: wo zai yinhang gong zuo.

YJ: wo means I, 

Cam: wo,

YJ: zai4 means at, 

Cam: zai4. 

YJ: yin2 hang2 is bank,

Cam: yin2 hang2. 

YJ: gong1 zuo4 means work,

Cam: gong1 zuo4, 

YJ: wo zai yinhang gong zuo.

Cam: wo zai yinhang gong zuo. I work at a bank.


(1)A: 你是做什么工作的?

B: 我在银行工作。

(2)A: 听说你在这家银行上班?

B: 是啊,昨天刚刚开始的。

YJ: Well I work at a radio station 

Cam: then what’s the Chinese for radio station?

YJ: it’s guang3 bo1 dian4 tai2. 

Cam: guang3 bo1 dian4 tai2.

YJ: guang3 bo1 means broadcast, 

Cam: guang3 bo1

YJ: dian4 tai2 means radio station, 

Cam: dian4 tai2. 

YJ: guang3 bo1 dian4 tai2. radio station, 

Cam: guang3 bo1 dian4 tai2.

YJ: or you can just say dian4 tai2 for short. 

Cam: dian4 tai2. 

YJ: now Cam, what’s the Chinese for “I work at a radio station”?

Cam: it’s wo zai dian4 tai2 gong zuo.

YJ: wo zai dian4 tai2 gong zuo. Very good. 



B: 我在电台工作。


B: 在电台工作很有意思。

Cam: And what about teacher, lawyer or policeman? 

YJ: teacher is lao3 shi1,

Cam: lao3 shi1 and student is xue2 sheng1. 

YJ: That’s right. Lawyer is lv4 shi1. 

Cam: lv4 shi1. 

YJ: policeman is jing3 cha2. 

Cam: jing3 cha2. 

YJ: what is your dream career, Cam?

Cam: well, I go with journalist. What’s the Chinese for that?

YJ: it’s ji4 zhe3. 

Cam: ji4 zhe3. Yaj, we just mentioned a lot of professions. 

YJ: don’t worry. Let’s review all of them in the following key words reminder.

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