Good Manners 礼貌 (1)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2017-10-09 11:32:45
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Key words of the day 

Gentleman 绅士 Lady 淑女 Ladies first, 女士优先 After you. 您先请。He has good manners. 他很有礼貌。 All in today’s Chinese Studio.


B: Yajie, in a civilized society, what do you think, everyone should try to behave like a gentleman or a lady.

Y: I totally agree. 

B: What’s the Chinese for gentleman? 

Y: it’s shen1 shi4. 

B: shen1 shi4 . Then how do you say lady in Chinese?

Y: it’s shu1 nv3. 

B: shu1 nv3.

Y: shu1 means tender, kind and gentle in Chinese. 

B: shu1.

Y: and nv3 means female. 

B: nv3. 

Y: shu1 nv3.

B: shu1 nv3. lady. 


A: 现今社会礼仪至关重要。

B: 所以我们应该努力成为绅士和淑女。

B: We just learned how to say lady in Chinese. Yajie, I wonder how to say “Ladies first.”

Y: it’s nv3 shi4 you1 xian1. 

B: nv3 shi4 you1 xian1. But lady is shu1 nv3, right?

Y: Right. nv3 shi4 is another way of calling a lady. 

B: I see. what’s that again?

Y: it’s nv3 shi4. 

B: nv3 shi4

Y: nv3 means female, 

B: nv3, 

Y: shi4 means person,

B: shi4. 

Y: nv3 shi4 

B: nv3 shi4, lady, 

Y: you1 xian1, means have priority or take precedence. 

B: you1 xian1.

Y: nv3 shi4 you1 xian1.

B: nv3 shi4 you1 xian1. Ladies first.

Conversation 2:

A: 您先请。

B: 不,您先请。女士优先嘛。 

A: 谢谢。

B: 不客气。

Y: Brendan, I know that “After you” is good manners. 

B: Right. it’s very popular in daily life. How do I say it in Chinese?

Y: You can say “nin2 xian1 qing3.”

B: nin2 xian1 qing3

Y: nin2 is the polite form of ni3, which means you, 

B: nin2, 

Y: xian1 here it means start off before the others, 

B: xian1 

Y: qing3 means please, 

B: qing3. 

Y: nin2 xian1 qing3

B: nin2 xian1 qing3 After you. 

Conversation 3: 

A: 您先请。

B: 谢谢。

Y: Wow, ta1 hen2 you3 li3 mao4. 

B: Yajie, you have to explain that to me… 

Y: Sorry. I just met a boy, and he has good manners. ta1 hen2 you3 li3 mao4.

B: ta1 hen2 you3 li3 mao4.

Y: ta1 means he, 

B: ta1. 

Y: hen2 means very much, 

B: hen2, 

Y: you3 means have, 

B: you3, 

Y: li3 mao4 means good manners. 

B: li3 mao4. 

Y: ta1 hen2 you3 li3 mao4.

B: ta1 hen2 you3 li3 mao4. He has good manners. 

Conversation 4: 

A: 他很有礼貌。

B: 没错,他是一位真正的绅士。

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