Bicycles & Cycling 自行车 (3)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2017-11-13 14:02:24
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B: I had a little accident on the way to the Chinese Studio today Y, I collided with another cyclist and now some of the spokes need changing.
Y: I'm sorry to hear that , are you okay?
B: it's not serious… how do I say that sentence in Chinese…
Y: spokes in Chinese is 辐条fu3 tiao2,
B:  fu3 tiao2,
Y: 请帮我换几根辐条。
B: qing3 bang1 wo3 huan4 ji3 gen1 fu3 tiao2.   
Y: 请帮我 qing3 bang1 wo3  means please help me with sth,
B: qing3 bang1 wo3
Y: 换 huan4 means change, 
B: huan4, 
Y: 几根 ji3 gen1 means several,
B: ji3 gen1
Y: 辐条 fu3 tiao2 is spokes,   
B: fu3 tiao2.
Y: 请帮我换几根辐条。qing3 bang1 wo3 huan4 ji3 gen1 fu3 tiao2. 
B: qing3 bang1 wo3 huan4 ji3 gen1 fu3 tiao2.  Can you change some of the spokes?

Conversation 1

A: 请帮我换几根辐条。
B: 让我看看。行,马上就帮你换。

B: It's getting too warm to carry my bag on my back. I'd love one of those baskets. What are they called?
Y: They're called 车筐 che1 kuang1.
B: che1 kuang1. 车 che1 is bicycle, 
Y: che1, Right and 筐 kuang1 means basket,
B: kuang1, 
Y: 车筐 che1 kuang1.
B: che1 kuang1. basket.And back at the bike shop I want to tell the shifu I want a basket.
Y: Ok. 我想装个车筐 Wo2 xiang3 zhuang1 ge che1 chuang1. 
B: Wo2 xiang3 zhuang1 ge che1 chuang1
Y: 我想wo2 xiang3 means I’d like sth,
B: wo2 xiang3,
Y: 装 zhuang1 means to install,
B: zhuang1.
Y: 个 ge4 is the measure word for basket. It's short for yi2 ge4, which means one,
B: ge4,
Y: 车筐 che1 chuang1, basket,
B: che1 chuang1
Y: 我想装个车筐 Wo2 xiang3 zhuang1 ge che1 chuang1
B: Wo2 xiang3 zhuang1 ge che1 chuang1 I'd like a basket.

Conversation 3

A: 我想装个车筐。
B: 看看这个怎么样?

B: Beijing is one of the cycling capitals of the world, and unfortunately it's also one of the worse places for having your bike stolen.
Y: Haha, that's true, you need a bike lock,
B: so what's the word for a bike lock?
Y: That's a 车锁 che1 suo3,   
B: che1 suo3, 车 che1 is bicycle,
Y: and 锁 suo3 means lock,
B: 车锁 che1 suo3, bike lock,
Y: right, che1 suo3.

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