At the Bookstore 书店(2)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2017-11-27 11:28:50
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B: We were pretty studious the other day, we bought all those Chinese language tapes and CDs. All fun and no play though is not a good recipe. Today how about looking the magazines for starters?
Y: Yeah, there's always something interesting there. They're the 杂志 za2 zhi4.
B: za2 zhi4.
Y: Besides, reading newspaper is also effective.
B: What's the Chinese for newspaper?
Y: it's 报纸 bao4 zhi3.
B: bao4 zhi3, newspaper.

Conversation 1

A: 杂志在几层?
B:  这层就有。就在那儿。
A: 哦,看到了。谢谢。那么报纸呢?
B: 杂志旁边就有各种报纸。

B: There's such a range. Where to begin. What do you recommend Y?
Y: Well I like fashion magazines. fashion magazine is 时尚杂志
B: shi2 shang4 za2 zhi4. 
Y: 时尚 shi2 shang4 means fashion,
B: shi2 shang4,
Y: and 杂志 za2 zhi4 is magazine,
B: za2 zhi4.
Y: 时尚杂志 shi2 shang4 za2 zhi4.
B: shi2 shang4 za2 zhi4. Fashion Magazine.

Conversation  2

A: 你在看什么杂志?
B: 时尚杂志。.

B: Those shi2 shang4 za2 zhi4., fashion magazines are not really my thing Y. I'm really after a map.
Y: Okay. a ditu
B: ditu, and it's a city map of Beijing I want.
Y: All you need to say is: 我要一张北京地图。
B: wo3 yao4 yi4 zhang1 bei3 jing1 di4 tu2.
Y: 我要 wo3 yao4 means I'd like to buy something,
B: wo3 yao4,
Y: 一张 yi4 zhang1 means one,
B: yi4 zhang1 
Y: 地图 di4 tu2 is map,
B: di4 tu2.
Y: 我要一张北京地图。wo3 yao4 yi4 zhang1 bei3 jing1 di4 tu2.
B: wo3 yao4 yi4 zhang1 bei3 jing1 di4 tu2.  I'd like a map of Beijing.


A: 我要一张北京地图。
B: 好的。您看这张行吗?
A: 行,就要这张。

B: We've just learned how to say beijng di tu. I see this one isn't so useful, it doesn't show the bus routes. Let's go back and get a bus map.
Y: Oh you should have said, you want a 公交线路图
B: gong1 jiao1 xian4 lu4 tu2.
Y: Bu cuo. 公交 Gong1 jiao1 means public transportation,
B: gong 1 jiao1.
Y: 线路 xian4 lu4 means routes,
B: xian4 lu4
Y: 图 tu2 is short for di4 tu2, and it means map,
B: tu2, 
Y: gong1 jiao1 xian4 lu4 tu2.
B: 公交线路图 gong1 jiao1 xian4 lu4 tu2. a bus map.

Conversation 4

A: 您这儿有公交线路图吗?
B: 请稍等,我帮您查询一下。

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