Computers 电脑(3)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2017-12-26 15:07:42
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B: These laptops are all very attractive models. Once I've bought one, I'll need to put it into a case.
Y: Yeah, and we call that a 电脑包 dian4 nao3 bao1. 包 bao1 means case or bag,
B: dian4 nao3 bao1. And to ask, how much is the computer case?
Y: You want to say 电脑包多少钱?dian4 nao3 bao1duo1 shao3 qian2,
B: dian4 nao3 bao1 duo1 shao3 qian2,
Y: as 多少钱 duo1 shao3 qian2 means how much,
B: duo1 shao3 qian2,
Y: d电脑包多少钱?ian4 nao3 bao1 duo1 shao3 qian2
B: let me say it again… dian4 nao3 bao1 duo1 shao3 qian2 …How much is the computer case?

Conversation 1

A: 电脑包多少钱?
B: 500 块。
A: 太贵了。能不能便宜点?
B: 好吧。给你打个八折。

B: It's not every day I buy a computer, so, I'm trying to thing of everything I need to know. What have I forgotten Y?
Y: Well you're not the strongest specimen around B, you should think of 重量, the weight.
B: zhong4 liang4.the weight, good thinking. So I better ask, how much does it weigh?
Y: well you can say: 重量是多少?zhong4 liang4 shi4 duo1 shao3? 
B: zhong4 liang4 shi4 duo1 shao3?
Y: 是多少 shi4 duo1 shao3 means is what? 
B: shi4 duo1 shao3
Y: 重量是多少?zhong4 liang4 shi4 duo1 shao3?
B: zhong4 liang4 shi4 duo1 shao3? What’s the weight? Or how much does it weigh? 


A: 这台电脑重量是多少?
B: 大约2公斤。

B: I've decided, this one here is the model for me. I'm not so good at bargaining Y, I just want to ask, what's your best price?
Y: There's never a model answer to that, but here's the question anyway 最低价是多少?
B: zui4 di1 jia4 shi4 duo1 shao3?
Y: 最低 zui4 di1 means the lowest,
B: zui4 di1,
Y: 是 shi4 means is,
B: shi4,
Y: 多少 duo1 shao3 means how much,
B: duo1 shao3,
Y: 最低价是多少 zui4 di1 jia4 shi4 duo1 shao3?
B: zui4 di1 jia4 shi4 duo1 shao3?  What's your best price? 

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