Internet 网络(1)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2018-01-02 16:03:18
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B: Ok, let's just check, a computer is a diannao, and we mentioned the Internet a while ago, if I remember, it's 互联网 hu4 lian2 wang3, dui ma?
Y: Dui, right on. hu4 lian2 wang3 the Internet.
B: When I go online I get an instruction asking for my username and password. I remember those words but not the Chinese instructions.
Y: Ok, listen up, username is 用户名 yong4 hu4 ming2.
B: yong4 hu4 ming2.
Y: 用户 yong4 hu4 means user,
B: yong4 hu4
Y: ming2 means name,
B: 名 ming2,
Y: 用户名 yong4 hu4 ming2.
B: yong4 hu4 ming2.  username  ..  And password?
Y: Not too difficult, it's 密码 mi4 ma3.
B: mi4 ma3,
Y: 密 mi4 literally means secret,
B: mi4,
Y: 码 ma3 means code,
B: ma3,
Y: 密码 mi4 ma3.
B: mi4 ma3. password. 

Conversation 1

A: 请输入你的用户名。
B: 然后呢?
A: 然后再输入你的密码.。

B: Oops, I’m afraid I forgot my password…
Y: that’s a little bit mafan… you can say: 我忘记密码了 wo3 wang4 ji4 mi4 ma3 le.
B: wo3 wang4 ji4 mi4 ma3 le.
Y: 我 wo3 means I,
B: wo3,
Y: 忘记 wang4 ji4 means forget,
B: wang4 ji4, and 密码 mi4 ma3 means password.
Y: 了 le means the completion of an action…
B: le.
Y: 我忘记密码了 wo3 wang4 ji4 mi4 ma3 le.
B: wo3 wang4 ji4 mi4 ma3 le. I forgot my password

Conversation 2: 

A: 哎呀,我忘记密码了。
B: 没关系,再试一次。

B: Not everyone has a computer, mei wenti, no problem, there’s always an Internet café close at hand.
Y: Yes, they’re everywhere these days, we call them 网吧 wang3 ba1.
B: wang3 ba1.
Y: as 网 wang3 means internet,
B: wang3,
Y: 吧 ba1 means a place like a pub or a café,
B: ba1,
Y: 网吧 wang3 ba1.
B: wang3 ba1. Internet café, 
Y: And when you’re looking for an Internet café but can’t find one, then you can ask somebody by
saying: 哪儿有网吧 na2er you2 wang3 ba1? Where is an Internet café?
B: Let me try that… na2er you2 wang3 ba1?
Y: 哪儿有 na2er you3 literally means where have,
B: na2er you3
Y: 网吧 wang3 ba1 is Internet café,
B: wang3 ba1.
Y: 哪儿有网吧  na2er you2 wang3 ba1?
B: na2er you2 wang3 ba1?  Where is an Internet café?

Conversation 3 

A: 哪儿有网吧?
B: 前面超市旁边就有一家。

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