Internet 网络(2)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2018-01-09 14:17:37
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B: The World Wide Web bridges any distance, I love catching up with friends and family with email. It’s so quick and easy.
Y: here is a very cute name for email---yi1 mei4 er3.
B: yi1 mei4 er3.
Y: However, it may sound a little bit girly…. You can say: 电子邮件 dian4 zi3 you2 jian4.  
B: dian4 zi3 you2 jian4.  
Y: 电子 dian4 zi3 means electric,  
B: dian4 zi3,
Y: 邮件 you2 jian4 means mail,
B: you2 jian4.
Y: 电子邮件 dian4 zi3 you2 jian4
B: dian4 zi3 you2 jian4 E-mail,
Y: And I’m expecting we’ll get heaps of 电子邮件 this week here in the Chinese Studio.
B: And what do we call the old fashion mail, the snail mail?
Y: we call it: 平信 ping2 xin4.
B: ping2 xin4
Y: 平 ping2 means ordinary,
B: ping2,
Y: 信 xin4 means letter,
B: xin4,
Y: 平信 ping2 xin4
B: ping2 xin4, the snail mail

Conversation 1

A: 现在人们都用电子邮件。
B: 是啊,平信很少见了。

B: Hey Y, I’ve forgotten what’s your email address.
Y: Ask like this … 你的邮箱地址是什么? ni3 de you2 xiang1 di4 zhe3 shi4 shen2me?
B: ni3 de you2 xiang1 di4 zhe3 shi4 shen2me?
Y: 你的 ni3 de means your,  
B: ni3de,
Y: 邮箱 you2 xiang1 means e-mail box,
B: you2 xiang1,
Y: 地址 di4 zhe3 means address,
B: di4 zhe3  
Y: 是什么 shi4 shen2 me, is what,  
B: shi4 shen2 me ,
Y: 你的邮箱地址是什么? ni3 de you2 xiang1 di4 zhe3 shi4 shen2me?
B: ni3 de you2 xiang1 di4 zhe3 shi4 shen2me? What’s your email address?

Conversation 2

A: 你的邮箱地址是什么?

B: Wow, I’ve typed in the keywords Chinese Studio, and look at all these links, so many webpages. Wow, I can hardly believe it.
Y: No excuses for missing the show is there, everyone can find the Chinese Studio on the net, on these,网页 wang3 ye4, webpages. As 网 wang3 means web, and 页 ye4 means page,
B: wang3 ye4, webpages. What about website, what do we call that?
Y: you can say: 网站 wang3 zhan4,
B: wang3 zhan4,
Y: 站 zhan4 means site,
B: zhan4, and 网 wang3 means web,
Y: yes, 网站 wang3 zhan4,
B: wang3 zhan4, website. 

Conversation 4

A: 怎么找到这个网页?
B: 我给你一个网址。
A: 谢谢。

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