Internet 网络(3)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2018-01-16 14:21:45
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B: While surfing, I would like to download some files from this homepage…  Firstly, what’s the word for download?
Y: it’s 下载 xia4 zai3,
B: xia4 zai3,
Y: 下 xia4 means down,
B: xia4,
Y: 载 zai3 means load,
B: zai3,
Y: xia4 zai3,
B: 下载 xia4 zai3, download.  Next, what’s the word for homepage?
Y: it’s 主页 zhu3 ye4.
B: zhu3 ye4
Y: 主 zhu3 means home,
B: zhu3,
Y: 页 ye4 means page,
B: ye4,
Y: 主页 zhu3 ye4
B: zhu3 ye4,  homepage,

Conversation 1
A: 你找到那个主页了吗?
B: 找到了。现在我可以下载文件了。

B: Time to relax a bit, how about an online computer game?
Y: That could be fun, (online computer games are: 网络游戏 wang3 luo4 you2 xi4.
B: wang3 luo4 you2 xi4.
Y: wang3 luo4 means the Internet,
B: wang3 luo4
Y: you2 xi4 means games,
B:  you2 xi4.
Y: wang3 luo4 you2 xi4,
B:  wang3 luo4 you2 xi4 online computer games, 

Conversation 2

A: 网络游戏是把双刃剑。
B: 应该对青少年加以正确引导。)

B: Let’s download some computer games…Just a word of caution. When downloading we can sometimes get a virus, a computer virus that is:  dian4 nao3 bing4 du2.  And that’s mafan.
Y: Sure, that can be a big problem, a virus is a 病毒 bing4 du2.
B: bing4 du2.
Y: so a computer virus is 电脑病毒 dian4 nao3 bing4 du2
B: dian4 nao3 bing4 du2  And what about firewall, you know, the anti-viral software?
Y: That’s 防火墙 fang2 huo3 qiang2.
B: fang2 huo3 qiang2.
Y: 防 fang2 means prevent or defend,  
B: fang2
Y: 火 huo3 literally means fire,
B: huo3,
Y: 墙 qiang2 means wall,
B: qiang2
Y: 防火墙 fang2 huo3 qiang2.
B: fang2 huo3 qiang2.  the firewall.

Conversation 3

A: 能帮我装个防火墙吗?
B: 好的,没问题。

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