Vegetables 蔬菜(3)

Gao Huiying China Plus Published: 2018-02-07 11:33:08
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B: There’s so much produce in here it’s hard to know where to turn. I’d love to find some organically grown veges, you know, with no pesticides, no chemicals, what are my chances Y?
Y: Let’s learn the words first, Organically grown vegetables are 有机蔬菜 you3 ji1 shu1 cai4.
B: you3 ji1 shu1 cai4.
Y: 有机 you3 ji1 means organically grown,
B: you3 ji1,
Y: and vegetable is 蔬菜 shu1 cai4
B: shu1 cai4.
Y: Then organically grown vegetables are: 有机蔬菜 you3 ji1 shu1 cai4,
B: you3 ji1 shu1 cai4,
Y: And you can ask:这是有机蔬菜吗?zhe4 shi3 you3 ji1 shu1 cai4 ma?
B: zhe4 shi4 you3 ji1 shu1 cai4 ma?
Y:the sentence structure: 这是zhe4 shi4 blah blah ma? Means is it something?
B: got it.
Y: 这是有机蔬菜吗? zhe4 shi4 you3 ji1 shu1 cai4 ma?
B: zhe4 shi4 you3 ji1 shu1 cai4 ma? Is it organic vegetable?

Conversation 1

A: 这是有机蔬菜吗?
B:  当然了。绝对没有农药和化学污染。

B: I recently read that beans are a great source of vitamins and minerals.
Y: There are lots of different types of beans, there's 蚕豆broad beans
B: can2 dou4.
Y: And kidney beans is 云豆
B: yun2 dou4. And what about bean curd?
Y: You mean 豆腐 doufu.
B: dou4 fu, beancurd.


A: 这是什么豆?
B: 不是蚕豆就是云豆。

B: All these beans will be great for the diet. What do we call vitamins and minerals Y?
Y: Vitamins are 维他命 wei2 ta1 ming4.
B: wei2 ta1 ming4.
Y: so it’s another example of similar pronunciation between English and Chinese, 
B: right. Wei2 ta1 ming4 is vitamins,
Y: And minerals are 矿物质 kuang4 wu4 zhi4.
B: kuang4 wu4 zhi4,
Y: 矿物 kuang4 wu4 means minerals,
B: kuang4 wu4,
Y: 质 zhi4 means substance,
B: zhi4,
Y: 矿物质 kuang4 wu4 zhi4,
B: kuang4 wu4 zhi4, minerals.

Conversation 3

A: 豆制品里包含很多维他命。
B: 同时还有很多矿物质。

B: There’s another type of bean I love, and that’s the bean sprout.
Y: Yeah, they are tasty, we call those: 豆芽 dou4 ya2.
B: dou4 ya2.
Y: 豆 dou4 means bean,
B: dou4,
Y: 芽 ya2 means sprout,
B: ya2,
Y: 豆芽 dou4 ya2,
B: dou4 ya2, the bean sprout. And we can eat them raw, no cooking needed.

Conversation 4

A: 西红柿可以生吃吗?
B: 可以生吃。但先要用开水烫一下。

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