EP12 家庭 Modern Chinese Family

Lu Chang China Plus Published: 2017-07-12 14:50:36
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EP12 家庭 Modern Chinese Family

EP12 家庭 Modern Chinese Family

Say family members in Chinese;

How Chinese call the older generation;

Chinese family values.

Part I Chinese 101



bà bà ,mā mā ,zhè shì wǒ de tóng xué ,lǐ lì。

Dad, mom, this is my classmate, XXX.


shū shū hǎo ,ā yí hǎo 。hěn gāo xìng rèn shí nǐ men。

Hello, uncle and aunt, nice to meet you all.


huān yíng lái wǒ jiā。

Welcome to our family!

Words & Expressions:

【爸爸】bà bà:father, dad

【妈妈】mā mā: mother, mom

* Some times Chinese people use “爸” or “妈” to call their parents for short

e.g我爸wo ba:my father; 我妈wo ma: my mother

* Nowadays young Chinese like to use “老爸(lao ba)” and “老妈(lao ma)” to call their parents.

【叔叔】shū shū: uncle;father’s little brother

王叔叔,你好。. Hello, uncle Wang.

这是我叔叔。. This is my uncle.

*Chinese people call their fathers’little brothers “叔叔”

【阿姨】ā yí: aunt; nurse (in a family or kindergarten); nanny

王阿姨,你好。Hello, aunt Wang.

这是我家的阿姨。This is our nanny.

* Chinese people addres one who is younger than their parents, or same age with their parents “叔叔”and “阿姨”,for those who is older than their parents as “伯父(bo fu)or “伯母(bo mu)”

【同学】tóng xué: classmate

【认识】rèn shí: know, recognize

【欢迎】huān yíng: welcome

【来】lái: come

【家】jiā: family, home

家人: family members

家庭: household

Part II Language Tips

  • The origins of the character “家”

  • Chinese family values

Part III Story of The Day

EP12 家庭 Modern Chinese Family

相敬如宾 Treat Each Other With Respect


xiàng jìng rú bīn

Treat Each Other With Respect

Chinese people describe a good marriage as treating each other with respect, like treating a guest. It shows a Chinese philosophy that equality and respect are crucial in building a good intimate relationship. 


Literal meaning: Treat each other with respect 

Explanation: to describe a high quality marriage 



jié hūn hòu ,tā men liǎng gè xiàng jìng rú bīn ,rì zǐ guò dé hěn xìng fú .

The young couple has treated each other with respect since they married, and have a happy life together.

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