EP19 建议 Giving an Advice

Lu Chang China Plus Published: 2017-07-12 19:38:03
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EP19 建议 Giving an Advice

EP19 建议 Giving an Advice

Ask for advices and giving an advice in Chinese;

“界限感(Sense of boundary)”and “干涉(interference)”: Skills in giving advices

Part I Chinese 101



wǒ yīng gāi fēn shǒu ma

Should I break up?


dāng rán shì xuǎn zé yuán liàng tā  

Of course you should try to forgive her.


Wǒ jiàn yì nǐ zì jǐ jué dìng 

My suggestion is that you should decide it yourself.

Words & Expressions:

【应该】yīng gāi: should; ought to

【分手】fēn shǒu:break up;say good-bye

【当然】dāng rán:certainly; of course; sure

【选择】xuǎn zé: v. Choose n. Choice

我选择看电影。. I choose to watch the movie.

我没有选择。. I have no choice.

【她】tā: she

他: he; 它: it (*Grammar Point: “homophone” in Chinese)

*Grammar Point: “homophone” in Chinese

【建议】jiàn yì:n. Suggestion v. Giving an advice, suggest

我有个建议。I have a suggestion.

我建议去看电影。I suggest to go for a movie.

【自己】zì jǐ:oneself

我自己: myself

你自己: yourself

*Grammar Point: “homophone” in Chinese

他自己: himself; 她自己: herself; 它自己: itself

【决定】jué dìng:n. decision; v. Decide

我决定和她分手。I decide to break up with her.

我决定原谅她。I decide to forgive her.

她做了个决定。She made a decision.

Part II Language Tips

  • Expressions: How to give people advice?

  • When it’s necessary to give an advice? 

  • How to make sure that someone is actually soliciting advice

  • “界限感(Sense of boundary)”and “干涉(interference)”: Skills for giving an advice

Part III Story of The Day

EP19 建议 Giving an Advice


sān gù máo lú

Three Visits to the Cottage

There was once a great strategist and statesman in Chinese history, Zhuge Liang. Legend has told he is the embodiment of wisdom. The story of "three visits to the cottage" shows the king's sincerity in asking Zhuge Liang's advice.

Literal meaning: Three Visits to the Cottage

Explanation: to describe someone who invites someone else with complete sincerity.



tā duì gōng sī guǎn lǐ yǒu zì jǐ dú tè de xīn dé ,wǒ men lǎo bǎn sān gù máo lú cái qǐng dào tā gěi wǒ men gōng sī tí jiàn yì .

He has a unique strategy for company management, and our boss invited him with great sincerity like in the story of "three visits to the cottage" and finally got his advice.

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