EP27 淘宝 Online Shopping

Lu Chang China Plus Published: 2017-08-04 16:14:52
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EP27 淘宝 Online Shopping

EP27 淘宝 Online Shopping

Useful Chinese expressions about online shopping;

Why “东西(east and west)" means "staffs"?

Why “buy things “ is “mǎi dōng xī” in Chinese but not “mǎi nán běi”?

Things You Need To Know about Onling Shopping in China;

Part I Chinese 101



nǐ zài zuò shí me ?

What are you doing now?


shàng wǎng mǎi dōng xi

Online shopping.


yǒu shén me shōu huò ma ?

Have you got anything?


mǎi le yī gè bāo bāo ,yī shuāng xié。

A bag and a pair of shoes.

Words & Expressions:

【做】zuò: do sth.

【上网】shàng wǎng:surfing the Internet

【东西】dōng xi:thing; staff person

【收获】shōu huò:harvest; reap; gains


【鞋】xié: shoes

Part II Language Tips

  • Things You Need To Know about Onling Shopping in China;

  • Interesting facts about Buyers Show and Sellers Show;

Part III Story of The Day

EP27 淘宝 Online Shopping


zhèng rén mǎi lǚ

A Man from the State of Zheng Buying Shoes

郑人 means a man from the state of Zheng, 买 means " to buy", 履means "shoes" in formal Chinese. This idiom was used to mock those who believe only in dogmas and ignore reality.

Literal meaning: A man from the state of Zheng buying shoes

Explanation: To believe only in dogma and ignore reality



bú xiàng xìn zì jǐ ,zhī xiàng xìn jiāo tiáo de rén yǒu hěn duō ,tā men jiù xiàng zhèng rén mǎi lǚ yī yàng 。

There are still many people who only believe in dogma but themselves, they are just like the man from state of Zheng buying shoes. 

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