EP168 闲聊 Small Talks

Lu Chang China Plus Published: 2019-02-01 17:36:41
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EP168 闲聊 Small Talks

EP168 闲聊 Small Talks

  • Chinese 101: Small talk in workplace

  • Language Tips: How to keep a conversation going on & End it politely

  • Song: 梁咏琪 Gigi Leung《聊天》

Words & Expressions:

【早】zǎo: early, morning

【今天】jīn tiān: today

【发型】fà xíng: hairstyle

【周末】zhōu mò: weekend

【刚】gāng: just

【剪】jiǎn: cut

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EP168 闲聊 Small Talks

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