EP175 告别 Farewell

China Plus Published: 2019-02-22 10:22:27
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EP175 告别 Farewell

EP175 告别 Farewell

  • Chinese 101: Farewell with someone

  • Grammar: 得 (de) After Verbs;

  • Language Tips:Say “Goodbye” in Chinese

  • Song: 《再见》by 张震岳 Goodbye by Chang chen-yue

Words & Expressions:

【今天】jīn tiān

【相处】xiāng chǔ

【开心】kāi xīn

【但】dàn: but

【不得不】bù dé bù

【说】shuō: say, speak

【再见】zài jiàn: goodbye

【联系】lián xì: contact

【期待】qī dài: look forward to; expection

【下一次】xià yī cì: next time

【相见】xiāng jiàn:meet (in person)

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EP175 告别 Farewell

Hosts: Niu Honglin & Jessica Luo & Tony Reid

Producer: Lu Chang

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