Spanish reporter Xavier Fontdegloria Fernandez's view on Belt and Road

China Plus Published: 2017-03-10 18:37:01
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Xavier Fontdegloria Fernandez, China correspondent for El País, talks about his view on China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative with China Plus. 

In the view of Spanish reporter Xavier Fontdegloria Fernandez, Chinese President Xi Jinping's forthcoming meeting with leaders of the Belt and Road countries in May, 2017, will bring people more information about the initiative's possible partners and plans. 

He believes that trains starting from China's Yiwu and travelling to Madrid in Spain, passing through 8 countries along its way, is the initiative's most significant outcome for the Spanish people. 

Xavier hails the B&R concept, but suggests some aspects remain to be improved to make the initiative more practical. 

The reporter says Spain has an advantage in infrastructure construction and is exploring new business opportunities with the help of both the B&R Initiative and the AIIB (The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank). 

He concludes that a real win-win situation should be achieved in order to call the initiative a success.

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