Tunisian Ambassador Dhia Khaled's view on Belt and Road

China Plus Published: 2017-03-15 18:16:36
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Dhia Khaled, the current Tunisian ambassador, takes the Belt and Road Initiative as "one of his priorities during his term in China". 

He praises the initiative saying it will enhance investment and trade exchanges, people-to-people contacts, as well as bilateral or multilateral relations among engaged countries. 

The ambassador expresses optimism for future possibilities within the framework of the B&R. He says that Tunisia has unilaterally provided visa-free access for Chinese tourists, which reflects their confidence in good Sino-Tunisian relations. 

With Tunisia as a hub linking Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the country has had a free trade agreement with Europe since 2008, and currently has three free-trade zones. Ambassador Khaled summarized Tunisia's leading advantages, adding that the country is willing to welcome more investment from China, which ranks fourth in Tunisia's trade partner list. 

"Hopefully, within this important initiative, we'll get more investment in Tunisia", concluded the ambassador.

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