Josef Gregory Mahoney Josef Gregory Mahoney, PhD, is Professor of Politics and Executive Director of the International Center for Advanced Political Studies at East China Normal University.

Op-Ed Blog

Marxism at the bicentennial of Marx's birth

 The question of what constitutes proper Marxist political practice, posed best by Vladimir Lenin as “What is to be done?,” is one has bedeviled and continues to bedevil many Marxists, past and present.

The national politics of international trade conflict

A much-trumpeted trade war between China and the United States has yet to fully materialize despite already roiling markets and provoking a general unease among commercial and political interests.

Major changes to State Council offer new opportunities and challenges

Looking at China’s long history and comparing it with others, no other country has proven a greater civilizational capacity to over-bureaucratize, frequently to the point of self-paralysis with respect to the ability to advance meaningful reforms and progress.

Bold Steps, But Caution

Among China specialists there has long been a great deal of noise regarding “Chinese exceptionalism.” This term refers to the idea that some things about China are unique and exceptional to China.

Could public figures avoid legal consequences?

In the case of  UCLA basketball players, it is easy for most people to sympathize with a “lapse of judgment” because most can admit to having suffered from them.