Michael Spencer Michael K. Spencer is a LinkedIn Top Voice, a tech news columnist and content consultant based in Canada. He is a futurist interested in technology, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and the future of business. He is a regular commentator the state of China tech on their way to become the global leader. His insights bridge the gap between East and West and he has 160,000 followers on LinkedIn from countries such as China, Canada, India, United States and Europe.

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Why China’s Didi Chuxing will beat Uber

Didi Chuxing’s success is symbolic of China's ascension as the leading country, over the United States, in the future of technology and artificial intelligence. 

2017: The year of China tech

As China begins to attract more top international talents, there’s evidence Chinese firms are not winning just in supply management, but also in go-to-market speed of global expansion.