Issam Laaroussi Dr. Mohammed Issam Laaroussi is a Senior Researcher and lecturer at Trends Research & Advisory, Academic and professional writer in different media outlets. Laaroussi has previously worked as senior Analyst at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), Abu Dhabi, Lecturer in the American University of Leadership, Rabat, Morocco and has served as a Senior Officer of Morocco’s police department, Interior Ministry. His areas of expertise are International Law, Management of International Organizations, National Security Approaches, and Foreign Policy Analysis, Crisis Management, and Geostrategic studies, Terrorism Affairs, Leadership and Governance. Mr Laaroussi holds a PhD in International Relations as well as an MA in security and defense studies.

Op-Ed Blog

Opportunities and challenges in the Middle East for the Belt and Road

A new globalization template inspired by the Belt and Road Initiative is a central aspect of China's strategy to expand its reach and influence throughout the attractive Middle East market. 

US embassy relocation to Jerusalem: Paths and consequences

Trump's recognition of Jerusalem isolates the United States on one of the world's most sensitive diplomatic issues. It drew a storm of criticism from Arab and European leaders.

China-U.S misunderstanding: Time for constructive dialogue

President Trump certainly will not uncritically adopt Chinese ideas, but he is transactional in his approach to relationships, which involves a readiness to engage in pragmatic-rational view. 

France's Macron in China to launch new era of partnership

Economically, Macron expresses his willingness to take part in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, offering support for Xi’s plans to revive land and sea trade routes connecting Asia and Europe via massive infrastructure projects. 

Morocco is the major hub of China in Africa

Certainly china`s-Morocco relationship has been progressing for the last decade. The involvement of close partnership highly described by many observers as the emergence of China and Morocco’s ambition to strengthening their ties politically economically and culturally. 

China looks for business opportunities in Dubai Air Show

It’s certain that GCC is seeking to diversify their economic ties and their strategic partnerships with China in accordance with the strategic shifts in the Middle East at large.

Trump's visit to Asia and impact on China

There is no doubt that Trump`s strategic tour to five Asian nations strives to fulfill his foreign policy agenda in the region. The highlight of Trump's trip is sure to be his November 8-9 trip to Beijing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China's equidistant policy in the Middle East

Despite the fact that China is mostly an economic power, China's foreign policy toward the Middle East still adopts a strategy based on traditional  principles of isolation and  no  military and political interference in the region of tremendous influence.