Navjot Singh Navjot is a British journalist, author and an expert digital content marketer / business leader. A former award-winning electronic engineer, Navjot has gone on to author and publish three successful travel books about China, a country he is an expert about and has lived and worked in for over 12 years. His rich work experience also includes extended periods living and working in a variety of international markets.

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May’s China visit provides ample trade opportunities, but there is still lots of work required

May's trip follows French President Emmanuel Macron's state visit to China earlier in January. This illustrates that both sides are eager to improve their ties in a time of rising global challenges and uncertainties.

China in 2018: Well-prepared for new changes and challenges

China’s economic growth target for 2018 will reflect new changes in the economy as the government has put more importance on higher quality development in all areas, the State Council Information Office said in December.

More flights to spur UK-China tourism and economic ties

China has the world's second largest passenger aviation market with enormous growth potential in spite of some regulatory brakes. It is not an easy market to serve and yields remain low, but it is a must-do market.

China's financial research industry must adapt to disruption

It goes without saying that the pace of technological change has increased at a dizzying rate in every industry and even more so in the financial research industry.