Sara Hsu Sara Hsu is an associate professor from the State University of New York at New Paltz. She is a regular commentator on Chinese economy.

Op-Ed Blog

China's rural sector a number one priority and will balance growth

Modernization of agriculture is an essential step in the process of development; without it, the rural sector remains behind, and the urban sector misses out on key food and labor resources.  

China’s central economic work conference takes on challenges

China must face “three tough battles” in the coming three years. The first and largest challenge is to prevent major financial risks, as the country continues to hold an excessive amount of debt. 

What to expect at China’s World Internet Conference

The 4th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen is scheduled for December 3-5, and is expected to attract up to 1,500 internet innovators and scholars from around the globe. 

Economic Implications of Trump visit to China

The meeting between Xi and Trump on Thursday will further develop U.S. and China trade and business relations. Trump will travel with a business delegation that is expected to sign a number of memoranda of understanding with Chinese firms in the areas of energy and agriculture.

China can expect smooth economic transition after party congress concludes

In President Xi Jinping's address to the Party Congress last week, he indicated that continuity of economic policy would be the order of the day.