Shafei Moiz Hali Dr. Shafei Moiz Hali studied at George Mason University, Virginia, USA and specialized in the field of International Commerce and Policy. He did his PhD from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China specializing in Chinese foreign policy focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative and energy issues. Currently Dr. Hali is working as an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Contemporary Studies, National Defence University (NDU) Islamabad, Pakistan.

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SCO FM meeting promotes cooperation and interconnectivity

Already the SCO has become the world's largest regional platform in terms of representation, especially after the inclusion of Pakistan, with the world's 6th largest population, and India, with the 2nd largest.

Top diplomat's visit helps push China-Japan ties

During his time in Tokyo, Wang Yi co-chaired the fourth China-Japan High-level Economic Dialogue with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono. The meeting is the first in eight years. 

Naval parade reflects China’s military modernization

The important aspect of this review parade was that more than half of the ships and submarines involved in the parade had been delivered to the Navy since late 2012, when the 18th CPC National Congress was held.

Trump's Taiwan move a recipe for disaster

Sino-US relations were built upon cooperation and US adherence to the One China Policy and under President Trump both pillars of the relationship seem to be receiving blows.

Wang Yi lays out China's diplomatic agenda for 2018

Foreign Minister Wang Yi's press conference came at a very important juncture in time as China has entered the new era and this year's political season in China is ushering in change, thus making it important to showcase the country's foreign policy.

Government work report predicts China's solid entry into new era

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has presented the government work report in which he sketched the achievements made over the past five years and emphasized the targets for this year.

Free Zone of Gwadar another major achievement for CPEC

President Xi’s vision for Belt and Road Initiative is to boost world trade through an interconnected world, while creating a win-win scenario for all. The inauguration of the first Gwadar Free Zone is an example of the realization of President Xi’s vision. 

Kono’s visit aims to open lines of communication for China-Japan ties

It is true that both sides have taken a series of confidence building measures and made goodwill gestures in the recent past thus one can hope for the relations to take a turn for the better following Kono’s visit as it too is a part of the confidence building measures. 

Sino-Pak deep-sea expedition helps understand and mitigate tsunamis and earthquakes

The joint expedition includes Pakistani scientists along with Chinese experts who embarked upon this endeavor from Karachi port. The research vessel will go over the multi-channel seismic zone within the Makran trench.

Trump's chronic grievances rather than a national security strategy

The world knows now the gap between what Mr. Trump has said regarding China as compared to what his actions have been regarding China. His actions significantly differ from his words. Monday's speech follows the same trend. 

Aerospace Security 2017 supplementing missile defense for peace

Under the leadership of President Xi with bolstered R&D spending, China has significantly augmented its missile defense umbrella consisting of radars, the JL-1A and JY-27A, which are designed to address the ballistic missile threat.

WIC: A ride on China’s express train of digital economic development

The theme for this year’s conference focuses primarily on “digital economy” and for any economy to gain advancements; trade and connectivity with other economies is paramount. 

President Xi’s visit boosts Sino-Vietnamese ties to a new high

Vietnam and China ties have witnessed ups and down in the past, but one thing has remained on a constant trend of gaining momentum and that is the trade between the two countries. 

Sino-South Korean Ties Stabilizing to Boost Trade, Peace and Cooperation

Bilateral relations between China and South Korea were booming a year ago, and China became South Korea's largest trading partner. This blossoming relationship came to a halt due to the installation of the US-made THAAD missile defense platform in South Korea.

Xi’s sets year 2035 as deadline to revolutionize national defense

According to a report by the RAND Corporation, “Over the past two decades, China's PLA has transformed itself from a large but antiquated force into a capable, modern military.” 

Xi’s Report at the 19th National Congress Aiming at Creating China into a Great Modern Socialist Country

China has come a long way in a very short time and the best part is that, it is predicted to go even further with the overhauling of its engine in the form of reforms and the Belt and Road initiative.