Swaran Singh Swaran Singh is professor, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi and visiting professor at Research Institute for Indian Ocean Economies in Kunming, China

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Rising tide of Chinese tourists visiting India

The actual numbers of Chinese tourists visiting India is perhaps much better in helping to put things in perspective. The number of Chinese visitors has clocked a fourfold increase in the last ten years.

Students emerging as new constituency of Sino-Indian rapprochement

What makes China the most interesting destination for India's students today is not just phenomenal rise in numbers. China has drawn increasing number of Indian students making it the fastest growing destination for Indian students' emigration. 

Yearender: China-India relations passing a 'major test'

China-India relations during 2017 will be remembered for passing through one of the most complex phases in their recent history.

What 15th RIC 'trilateral' means for China-India relations?

The 15th round of Russia-India-China (RIC) foreign ministers 'trilateral' in New Delhi this week reinforces their significance for being an alternative paradigm in global governance.

China-India parleys on economic cooperation

While China-India parleys on macro-economic trends and explorations into strengthening bilateral economic partnership may not be new, their new context remains of special significance.