China's rural sector a number one priority and will balance growth

The No.1 central policy document is considered to be the most important policy of the year, and the emphasis on agriculture and rural well-being is quite forward thinking. Improving agricultural production and rural living will reduce China’s growing inequality and encourage people to live in rural areas rather than migrate to big cities. 

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Deciphering sense of safety in China

China's government strives persistently to provide social stability and law and order as part of its efforts to improve people's wellbeing. But these are not easy things to achieve.

Central document reinforces rural vitalization for beautiful China

It's a fact that the country's vast rural population has not fully enjoyed adequate development opportunities in comparison to urban China. As such, the strategy of rural vitalization is a "historic task".

Pakistan looks to China for trade, investment and hope

Washington is wary of Pakistan’s ties to Beijing and wishes to prevent China from dominating Asia economically and diplomatically. However, the United States cannot offer Pakistan much hope for the future. 

An insight on influx of African students in China

Most African students in China are quite content with the fact that they can not only learn the Chinese language, but also establish steady business relations which become very useful in their own countries after their graduation.  

China's rural sector a number one priority and will balance growth

Modernization of agriculture is an essential step in the process of development; without it, the rural sector remains behind, and the urban sector misses out on key food and labor resources.  

2018 a good year for China-Singapore relations

In recent years, although the two countries experienced certain unpleasant twists and turns, bilateral relations were eventually brought back "on track" in late 2017. And, 2018 will be a good year to further warm up China-Singapore relations.

May’s China visit provides ample trade opportunities

May's trip follows French President Emmanuel Macron's state visit to China earlier in January. This illustrates that both sides are eager to improve their ties in a time of rising global challenges and uncertainties.

The return of the joint venture company

Serving the Chinese middle class’s aspirations does not just take great manufacturing know-how.  It takes the whole industrial chain to be on point, and this is where the Chinese partner comes in.  


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