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A trade war won't solve America's problems

Commentary: A Trade War Won't Solve America's Problems

China ready to defend itself in trade battle with U.S.

China does not want a trade war. But it will fight to protect the long-term interests of its people and to maintain order in the world trade system.  

G7 leaders should make gender inequality and patriarchy history

As the richest economies in the world, G7 countries can bring about far reaching systemic changes envisaged in the global agenda for sustainable development. 

A historic summit to achieve what is a long way off

While the meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump was historic by all means, there is also mounting criticism and hand wringing from the US or, to a larger extent the Western mainstream experts, about the outcomes of the meeting.

President Xi's SCO speeches and Indian perspective

China has already built 21 economic and trade cooperation zones. The SCO should achieve the target of completing SCO Free trade Agreement by 2020. 

G7, G20 – Symbols of two centuries

The stunning transformations the world has been watching in China are a showcase of what will gradually happen in many other emerging nations around the world, big and small, over the rest of this century.

China charts course for SCO's role in global governance

The Shanghai Spirit, a code of conduct characterized by mutual trust and benefits, equality, respect for cultural diversity, and the pursuit of common development, remains the core principle of the group.

SCO's regional action has global significance

This year's Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Qingdao has come to a close with sure signs of deepening regional coordination and new action plans for Eurasian security, economic and trade links and people-to-people exchanges among the member countries.

SCO and China's path for peaceful development

Culturally rich Shandong Province was the home of Confucius and was the cradle of Confucian culture. President Xi has drawn on ancient Chinese classics and Confucian texts in his promotion of world peace.  

‘Shanghai Spirit’ in full swing in China ahead of SCO summit

The SCO has also emerged as a powerful organization in terms of its ability to improve connectivity and boost economies, with increasing investment from China into the other member states estimated to have reached 80 billion U.S. dollars. 

Continuing success of China-Kenya cooperation requires unremitting efforts from both sides

​On May 13th, I arrived in Nairobi, the “green city in the sun”, and started my tenure as the 15th Chinese Ambassador to Kenya and Permanent Representative to the UNEP and the UN-Habitat.

The Qingdao quest and the 2018 SCO summit

It is expected that China will propose a SCO-FTA, which would represent significant progress in implementing the Shanghai Spirit that was defined by the foreign ministers of the SCO member states earlier this year in Beijing.

The SCO looks to find its next steps after its expansion

The SCO’s first great expansion came with the addition of Pakistan and India last year. As these two countries build their relations with China and Russia, the SCO provides a forum for communication about their disputes.

SCO Qingdao Summit: A vision from Argentina

Besides its importance from the point of view of international security, there are economic reasons to follow the meeting of the SCO. Argentina will hold the presidency of the G-20 this year, an important multilateral forum that includes three member states of the SCO – Russia, China, and India.

Why the SCO is the most important forum on security in Asia

The BRICS summit, Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), One Belt One Road… the number of initiatives by China to shape Asia and the world is growing, and it may be difficult to see the relationship between them

What to expect from the SCO summit in Qingdao

The 18th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Qingdao, to be chaired by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is an important event for Eurasia.

Global governance and the SCO

The SCO has increasingly become a platform for countries in the region to cooperate on security, economic, and cultural matters.

The SCO Summit in Qingdao: One year after enlargement

The common dilemma for regional institutions is to promote either wider or deeper integration, as taking on more members makes it more difficult to find common ground. 

SCO fosters new opportunities for India-Pakistan cooperation

The SCO's "Shanghai Spirit" of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for cultural diversity, and the pursuit of common development is a strong foundation on which to build partnerships. 

Qingdao summit offers hopes for peace in Asia

The initial basis of the SCO was security cooperation. "The 'three evil forces' of extremism, terrorism, and separatism still pose a huge threat to Central Asia.

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