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Jimmy Carter has some advice on how to make America great again

President Trump needs to follow the advice given by his insightful predecessors if he really wants to make the United States great again.

China’s Transsion shows us how to do business in Africa

Transsion, a Shenzhen-based mobile phone maker that many Chinese people haven’t heard of, is extremely successful in Africa because of its ability to cater to the need of local customers.

Pompeo's "nonsensical" remarks on China won't alienate Latin America

Despite the U.S. Secretary of State’s irresponsible remarks on China’s role in Latin America, Sino-Latino cooperation and partnership are set to be further deepened.

China remains a driver of growth for a delicate global economy

The latest figures from China's statistics bureau and the IMF show that the country remains a major engine for global growth in a time of uncertainty.

Strong China-EU ties to bring more stability to the world

The commitment of China and the European Union to further strengthen their strategic partnership and safeguard free trade and multilateralism is expected to play a stabilizing role in global development.

U.S. unilateral path in Mideast to hamper world peace

Hostilities in the Middle East have once again been stirred up due to Washington's unilateral moves, which pose a dangerous threat to world peace.

Smartphone is Sony's "chicken rib”

The Japanese electronics giant Sony has closed its smartphone plant in Beijing after more than 23 years. Meanwhile, plans are reportedly underway for the company to slash half of its smartphone workforce by March next year.

China inclusion in Bloomberg index to diversify asset allocation

The inclusion of China's renminbi-denominated bonds in the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Index will facilitate the diversification of global assets and inject new momentum into global growth.

Three responsibilities for China and the U.S. to share

During the 9th round of China-US trade talks, President Trump echoed President Xi's call for both countries to abide by their global responsibility to find a way to work together to promote global development, peace and governance.

China and U.S. need to shoulder responsibilities as major powers

As the world's two major economic powers, the United States and China should manage their differences and expand their cooperation in order to shore up global confidence at a time of rising economic uncertainty.

Control of illicit drugs needs concerted efforts by the world community

China's decision to include all fentanyl-related substances on its list of controlled substances shows that it takes seriously its role in addressing the opioid abuse crisis.

China, US need to expand common ground as trade talks continue

As China-US trade talks enter into a crucial stage, negotiators should try to expand their common ground with greater courage, wisdom and trust so as to implement the consensus reached between their leaders last year.

One year of greater openness, with more on the way

Looking back at the changes that China has experienced during the past 40 years of reform and opening up, most people here would tell you that these changes have taken place at a pace unseen anywhere else in the world.

China's solution to solving four deficits in global governance

China's President Xi Jinping has made proposals to solve the deficits of governance, trust, peace, and development in global affairs, which have been well received by his European counterparts.

China, France on the same page when it comes to global governance

President Xi Jinping's state visit to France is a reminder that the two countries share much common ground when it comes to their views on global governance and the major issues facing the world today.

What's the key to 55 years' special China-France friendship?

Just like 55 years ago when France took the bold step to recognize the New China, it should again demonstrate its independence and resoluteness to embrace the Belt and Road Initiative today.

China, Monaco set example for relations

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the Principality of Monaco on Sunday is expected to set a good example for relations building between a developing country and a developed nation. 

Italy is a natural partner of the Belt and Road Initiative

Relying solely on short-term or geopolitical analyses is to run the risk of misjudging the significance of Italy joining the Belt and Road Initiative, and miss the bigger picture that points to the country being a natural partner for this initiative.

Is China a partner or an opponent? Read this book for an answer

"Xi Jinping: The Governance of China" has become increasingly popular with readers outside of China. It is both a rich source of insights into Xi's ideas and beliefs, and a roadmap illustrating how China sees its role in the world.

President Xi’s state visits to shine new light on China-Europe ties

President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to Europe is expected to bring more stability to a world facing growing uncertainty.

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