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BRI can help upgrade China-ASEAN economic cooperation

As China and ASEAN have agreed to integrate the Belt and Road Initiative with the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025, the upcoming China-ASEAN Expo is expected to inject new momentum into regional development.

Attempts to mess up Hong Kong will never succeed

Some U.S. politicians’ move to back Hong Kong separatists reveals their motive to destabilize Hong Kong and contain China.

Pragmatism breathes new life into Sino-Russian relations

China and Russia have cemented their comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and together are assuming their responsibilities as major nations of the world.

Innovation the powerhouse of China's economy

Despite the challenges of unilateralism and protectionism to economic globalization, China is becoming more firmly integrated into the global economy and will promote the strategy of innovation and development.

China's high-quality economic development gathers pace

Positive economic data shows great resilience with a continuous improvement in the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.

Trade gestures a hopeful sign for new China-U.S. trade talks

China and the United States should build on their recent gestures of goodwill and take further positive steps to move forward a new round of trade talks scheduled for early October.

Sincerity and action create favorable conditions for trade talks

Both China and the United States have taken concrete steps of goodwill ahead of the trade talks next month. Finding a way forward is a responsibility both countries bear for their own benefit, and that of the world.

Tariff exemptions will ease impact of US trade frictions on enterprises

China's rational response to the trade frictions with the United States will ensure that its countermeasures have a minimal impact on related enterprises in the country.

China attracts foreign investors with its strong magnetism

China is continuing to prove itself to be an attractive destination for international investment in the face of a global slowdown in capital flows. 

China's foreign trade sees stable upgrade

The trend of high-quality development of China's foreign trade will continue despite an uncertain external environment.

Attempts to instigate color revolution in HK doomed to failure

External attempts to instigate a color revolution in Hong Kong are destined to fail as China’s central government and the seven million Hong Kong people are determined to safeguard the city’s stability and prosperity with all means necessary.

China-U.S. trade disputes can only be settled through consultations

China and the United States have agreed to continue their trade consultations in Washington next month, raising the hopes of a reasonable solution to bilateral trade disputes, which can only be resolved through rational negotiations.

Chinese companies show resilience against external headwinds

 The improved performance of the top 500 Chinese enterprises reflects the resilience of China’s economy and the entrepreneurship of Chinese business people against the backdrop of increasing uncertainties in the global economy.

FedEx will ruin its own reputation breaking the law

FedEx is taking the risk of ruining its own reputation after reports of the US express company being suspected of delivering controlled knives in a parcel headed for Hong Kong.

China shares the responsibility for global nuclear safety

China’s first white paper on nuclear safety illustrates its determination to strengthen international cooperation to build a community of shared future for nuclear safety.

Further reform of capital markets to boost high-quality development

China's determination and latest moves to deepen its capital market reforms to serve its real sector is expected to facilitate high-quality development of its economy.

A 'color revolution' in Hong Kong is doomed to failure

Some Western politicians have been trying to meddle in the affairs of Hong Kong, which is unacceptable. This is what happens in 'Color Revolutions,' but they won't succeed in Hong Kong, said Prof. Zhang Weiwei.

Don’t use the Hong Kong situation as leverage in the trade talks

China-U.S. trade talks should be about just trade. Washington’s attempts to use the Hong Kong situation as leverage to pressure Beijing won’t work.

Raising tariffs is no solution to trade disputes

Washington's provocative way of dealing with its trade disputes with China will bring nothing but harm to the world economy. The United States needs to abandon its punitive mindset and return to the negotiating table.

China can weather the impact of the trade frictions with the U.S.

China is capable of absorbing the negative impacts of the trade disputes with the United States. Washington shouldn't underestimate Beijing's determination and capacity to safeguard its national interests. 

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