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China-U.S. trade talks taking a big step forward

As China and the United States race against the clock to reach a deal before the March 1 deadline, there’s a good chance that the two countries can achieve a fair and mutually beneficial agreement.

Warsaw conference exposes ongoing divisions on Iran policy

Washington's efforts to form an alliance against Iran appear unlikely to bear fruit in the short term, and there is a long way to go before peace can be restored in the Middle East.

Why China remains a magnet for foreign investment

China has been a top performer when it came to attracting foreign investment in the adverse global environment of 2018. As the country continues to streamline its business environment, it's expected to remain a magnet for foreign capital inflows.

Robust holiday consumption signifies steady upward trend

Consumption in the Chinese market during the week-long Lunar New Year holiday experienced a strong growth, a sign that China will remain a powerful engine propelling global economic growth.

Chinese New Year injects new vitality into world tourism

The craze for travelling abroad during Chinese New Year has become a new bridge for connecting China to the rest of the world.  It is estimated that some 7 million overseas trips will be made during the holiday.

Opening up delivers more imported products

Thanks to China's opening up, shoppers across the country are filling their baskets with a wide range of imported products to help them celebrate the arrival of the New Year and the country's increasing prosperity.

How technology has reshaped Chinese New Year

Technology is reshaping the Spring Festival season in China. With the country about to further open-up its market, the lives of Chinese people could soon see more profound changes.

Petroyuan: A fledgling with the potential to soar

The petroyuan system is in its infancy. But substantial global trading of oil paid for with the yuan is an increasingly likely reality that we need to start planning for now.

China-U.S. trade talks look set to turn a crisis into an opportunity

The progress made during China-U.S. trade talks has made it possible for both sides to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

New report shows China’s growth into a global investment powerhouse

A new report shows that the encouragement and support China’s government provides to enterprises making direct investments abroad is paying dividends for the economy. 

China promotes a higher level of openness based on rules

China will actively carry out structural reforms by learning from and seeking alignment with advanced international rules, standards and management system.

China keen to work with others to share the benefits of future growth

The fourth industrial revolution and technological innovation offers the world tremendous opportunity. China is willing and eager to work with others to ensure that all countries have an equal opportunity to prosper.

Looking to China's past to better understand its future

By looking at China's development from a broad historical, cultural and philosophical perspective, its actions and future directions can be better understood. 

The future of globalization 4.0 requires countries to work together

The absence of many leaders from Davos reflects, to some extent, the deep concern about global political and economic uncertainty. So what happened to the road to globalization?

Being rationally optimistic about China's economic growth

China's economy is maintaining healthy momentum, despite increasingly downward pressure.

Broad-based tax cuts to benefit small and micro enterprises

The tax cuts for small and micro enterprises in China will help to stimulate the economy and support job market growth. 

Baijiu ban a reminder that China's corruption crackdown not over

China's anti-corruption has achieved positive results, but the fight isn't over.

Where is the road leading for Brexit?

The political leaders of the United Kingdom need to find a way forward through what is becoming an increasingly intractable political crisis.

Finland, China — Far more than risk-free partners

China and Finland are much more than risk-free partners. They are in many ways highly complementary to one another.

China's IP experts finished a busy year, and have another one ahead

Intellectual property protections have been strengthening in China, but there is still much to do to ensure that the country maximizes the benefits of innovation. 

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