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EU-China Year of Tourism: What are the challenges awaiting us?

Chinese tourists represent a very wide-ranging market in which co-exist all types of needs. It is very essential to understand certain groups or niche, especially their expectations and behaviours.

Aamir Khan's ‘Secret Superstar’ eyeing success in China

Indian actor-producer Aamir Khan’s latest drama-comedy “Secret Superstar” is being released in Chinese mainland theaters on January 19. To some extent, it is like coming home for Khan.

China-U.S misunderstanding: Time for constructive dialogue

President Trump certainly will not uncritically adopt Chinese ideas, but he is transactional in his approach to relationships, which involves a readiness to engage in pragmatic-rational view. 

Africa’s infrastructure-connectivity means business

China is reaping the benefits of backing Africa in a big way. The Chinese have realised that investment in large-scale infrastructure projects in Africa has ripple effects.

Sino-Pak deep-sea expedition helps understand and mitigate tsunamis

The joint expedition includes Pakistani scientists along with Chinese experts who embarked upon this endeavor from Karachi port. The research vessel will go over the multi-channel seismic zone within the Makran trench.

UAE, China ready for closer business ties with visas on arrival

The outlook for even greater trade and investment ties, boosted by the new visa systems' potential impact on bilateral flow of people, between the two countries is promising. 

Shanghai 2035 making a great city even better

 In KPMG's 2017 report on world innovation centers Shanghai was rated as the global city most likely to surpass Silicon Valley as an innovation hub, ahead of New York.  This is due to the strength of the ecosystem that Shanghai has built for innovation.

Carbon emission market important for China's energy transition

The impact of climate change is one of the biggest treats for the future of mankind and with the launch of the national carbon market China clearly demonstrates a swift and dedicated follow-up on the pledges for the Paris Climate Agreement.

Chinese firms gaining momentum at CES

It will be interesting to keep a close eye on the Chinese companies attending the CES for years to come. If improvements continue to be made, classical criticizes will disappear, admiration will emerge and copy of Chinese products will begin.

Why Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Africa tour is crucial

Interestingly, China has developed a tradition over the years where Chinese foreign ministers have always chosen Africa as their first overseas trip in the New Year. This tradition has been observed for the last 20 years. Yet 2018 is no different.

China, France to play bigger global role after Macron visit

What is new and deserves particular attention is the straightforward French support for the Belt and Road Initiative. This clarification is promising as the EU has recently been skeptical on Chinese investments in Europe.

Premier's visit enhances China- Cambodia ties, deepens LMC mechanism

In the Phnom Penh Declaration, the leaders put the spotlight on the importance of narrowing the socio-economic development gap between the six nations.

Students emerging as new constituency of Sino-Indian rapprochement

What makes China the most interesting destination for India's students today is not just phenomenal rise in numbers. China has drawn increasing number of Indian students making it the fastest growing destination for Indian students' emigration. 

How China matters globally

China launched its current reforms four decades ago, gradually integrating the global community. Subsequently, a nation populated by over one fifth of mankind began extensively interacting with peoples, markets and ideas across the planet.

CPC, BJP should initiate global political party alliance

The CPC has been in regular contact with over 400 political parties and political organisations from more than 160 countries and regions and this "circle of friends" is developing continuously.

France's Macron in China to launch new era of partnership

Economically, Macron expresses his willingness to take part in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, offering support for Xi’s plans to revive land and sea trade routes connecting Asia and Europe via massive infrastructure projects. 

Lancang-Mekong Cooperation brings China, neighbours closer

The core of China's Belt and Road overtures through the LMC is about strengthening the indigenous capacities of the Mekong states.

North Korean peace plan from Russian and Chinese perspective

For the first time in two years, diplomats of South and North Korea have come to direct contact. And this meant the application of the plan to resolve the North Korean crisis diplomatically that China and Russia put in place.

China’s new high-end talent visa: fast track to the future

There are two main initiatives that require prodigious brain-power in the near-term that will catapult China back into its role as world leader that it held for more than a millennium.

China-France: 53 years and more...

In a few days' time, the President of the French Republic will visit China. It is the start of another page in the long and rich history between China and France, two countries at each end of Eurasia.

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