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Hundred-member milestone is a demonstration of AIIB appeal

The expansion of AIIB to include 100 members is a demonstration of the appeal of this multilateral and inclusive agency.

U.S. firms involved in arms sales to Taiwan will pay a heavy price

China's decision to impose sanctions on US companies involved in arms sales to Taiwan shows that any enterprise that attempts to challenge China's national sovereignty will have to pay a heavy price.

China's foreign trade remains resilient

China's foreign trade achieved steady growth in the first six months of this year, showing that China's foreign trade market is resilient despite increasing trade protectionism.

Rising foreign investment a vote of confidence in China's market

Foreign investors cast a vote of confidence in China's economy in the form of increased capital inflows. Chances are they won't be let down, as China's market provides huge potential thanks to its shift towards higher quality growth.

The US is playing with fire by using Taiwan to contain China

The US government is attempting to play the Taiwan card to contain China by approving a new round of arms sales to the island. 

Closer China-EU ties expected following EU leadership change

China wants to join hands with the EU to seize the important opportunity to push forward the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level.

Three major factors pushing the world’s increasing dependency on the Chinese economy

China's development is inseparable from that of the world, while the prosperity of the world also needs the participation of China.

Debunking the fallacies British politicians hold about Hong Kong

The people of Hong Kong enjoy more rights and freedoms now than they ever did during British colonial rule, and claims that the United Kingdom retains some right to interfere in the affairs of Hong Kong are mistaken. 

China-U.S. cooperation is the will of the people

The actions taken by the United States government to treat China like an enemy and decouple it from the global economy are fundamentally counterproductive.

China takes another big step towards further opening to the world

China is taking resolute action to keep its promise of further opening up its domestic market to international investment following the G20 Summit in Osaka.

Attempts to interfere in China's internal affairs will never succeed

Some Western governments should abandon their double standards over Hong Kong and condemn the violent acts of some protestors who stormed and vandalized the Legislative Council building, trampling on the rule of law.

Breakthrough for opening up as China slims negative lists for foreign investment

The shortening of the negative lists of sectors in which foreign involvement is restricted will help China boost high-quality growth and create a better business climate for foreign investors.

Why is the CPC winning increasing support from the Chinese people?

Eliminating absolute poverty in China has been an aspiration of the CPC throughout its 98-year history. It is also a goal for the 70-year-old People's Republic of China, and the 40-year policy of reform and opening-up. 


Osaka summit, a platform for problem solving and confidence building

As long as G20 members implement the agreements they reach in a faithful manner, there are reasons to remain optimistic. 

Equality and mutual respect promote China-U.S. trade talks

When restarted, economic and trade talks between China and the U.S. should be based on equality and mutual respect to achieve positive results.

China’s new opening-up measures to lead a high-quality world economy

China urges leaders of the world's major economies to seek inclusive and sustainable growth.

Tariff threats are not the way forward to solve trade issues

There is only one way for China and the United States to reach an agreement, and that is through a dialogue of equals. China will never succumb to the threat of additional tariffs.

China counters protectionism amid efforts to expand its opening-up

The world expects developed economies to follow China's example, break through trade barriers, and help underdeveloped regions integrate into the global economy.

Why the U.S. shouldn’t miss the Osaka chance to ease trade tensions

As trade tensions begin to carve chunks out of the U.S. economy, Washington should make good use of the opportunity offered by the Osaka G20 summit to find a solution.

Pompeo's diplomacy unsettles the world

Judging from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's behavior, we wonder if the mania of the "cold war" has already pervaded him. As top US diplomat, he is more like the complainer-in-chief.

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