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A tentative step by the US to meet China half way on trade disputes?

China would be willing to extend its hand towards a reasonable deal. But if that's not what the United States is offering, then China will be resolute in its retaliation against additional tariffs imposed on its products by the United States.

China-Japan maritime affairs: building confidence for better ties

The effort to normalize relations through maritime cooperation and reciprocal trilateral and bilateral visits are a recognition by China and Japan that their economic fortunes are difficult to untether.

In the name of trade

The ban imposed by the United States government on sales of hardware and software to Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE has revealed the true nature of the trade dispute President Trump is waging against China in the name of reducing the trade deficit.

What the US wants is to protect its global dominance

"The US government has designated China as a long-term strategic threat and they are acting on it. They don’t want any country to threat the United States economic, political or military dominance of the world."

What does the ZTE case tell us about US dominance?

The way to stop the United States using its dominance in finance and technology as an abusive weapon is for other global powers to provide viable alternatives.

China's Q1 GDP growth strong but slower times ahead

Despite the various indicators that suggest China may see a slowdown in economic activity next quarter, the economy remains resilient and the government is doing a good job of managing expectations.

Ministers' visit steers Sino-Indian ties in new direction

This year is already turning out to be significant for the strategic partnership between China and India. The two countries are taking a pragmatic approach to their relationship after last summer's border standoff.

Further opening up of manufacturing to promote global growth

The past four decades also have witnessed profound changes in China. As far as manufacturing is concerned, China has become the leading country in the world in terms of production, export, foreign investment utilization and overseas investment.

Aware and Awake

People in China were shocked by the sudden and severe punishment metered out by the United States on Chinese company ZTE. It was a blunt reminder that, unless you have command over key technologies, you’re always open to manipulation by those higher up in the value chain.  

Top diplomat's visit helps push China-Japan ties

During his time in Tokyo, Wang Yi co-chaired the fourth China-Japan High-level Economic Dialogue with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono. The meeting is the first in eight years. 

China well on its course of reforms

With its firm commitment to more reform and opening up, China, the second largest economy in the world, shoulders a massive responsibility to promote free trade and globalization. 

Latin America trade ties with China and U.S.: Who is the best partner?

In any case nobody can tell the region to trade with one country and not with another. The region must trade with all countries, especially more with the countries that grow the fastest, as is the case of China. 

Hainan FTZ: A fresh step in China's opening-up

The central government has mapped out its detailed plans for establishing Hainan as a free trade zone by 2020.  Goals also include the establishment of the free trade port system in Hainan by 2025.

Naval parade reflects China’s military modernization

The important aspect of this review parade was that more than half of the ships and submarines involved in the parade had been delivered to the Navy since late 2012, when the 18th CPC National Congress was held.

Syria strike, the media, and the Iraq war

"Mission Accomplished," exclaimed U.S. President Donald Trump in the wake of a quick run of missile attacks against Syria. But what was the mission? And where's the evidence of a chemical attack? 

China’s new steps to open its door wider will be triple-win

Considering that 2018 marks the 40-year anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, one remains very hopeful that all the announced measures will be realized soon.

Why should China still be seen as the largest developing country?

China is still the largest developing country based on assessments of its per capita wealth, industrial structures, employment structures, level of innovation, and the balance and efficacy of its development.

Xi had more than the trade dispute in mind for his Boao Speech

China is opening up according to its own pace and schedule. Unilateral action, pressure, and coercion will not beget anything productive to avoid a trade war.

China's development brings six opportunities to the world

China's economic growth has been the impetus and security of global economic development. The country’s development brings many opportunities to the world.

Don't make openness a scarcity in world trade

Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced a series of important measures to ensure the country opens wider.

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