The mystery foreign “back pot” man of Hangzhou City

Jiang Xiao China Plus Published: 2017-05-14 19:45:43
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If you came from a rich family, how would you spend your life? Travelling the world? Attending fashion shows in Milan? Eating in the finest restaurants? How about selling fish flavored shredded pork over rice from a pot strapped to your back in a Chinese night market? Dmitri has become a popular sight in the night markets of West Lake. Handsome and tall, he dresses in traditional Chinese style to sell his rice dish for just 5 yuan (0.73 US dollar) each. He says he’s not doing it for the money, but just for the fun. He’s already gained a reputation for his fine cooking, with one female customer buying 50 of his shredded pork and rice meals in one go. [Photo:]

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