University student works as a Lolita fashion model despite judgement

VCG/China Plus Published: 2018-12-08 18:03:18
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Xie Anran is a senior university student in Hangzhou, China. She has another more knowable identity – a Lolita fashion model. Money she earns from modeling for online Lolita fashion shops pay for her Lolita dresses. Xie has hundreds of dresses and one of the most expensive cost her 10,000 yuan (US 1,455). Every day, Xie spends 1-2 hours to get dressed and put on makeup. Despite facing judgement and criticism from others, she chooses to live the way she likes. She says she enjoys the sense of ceremony when dressing in the Lolita fashion style.Lolita is a fashion subculture from Japan influence by Victorian and Edwardian children's clothing and styles from the Rococo period. [Photo: VCG]

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