Portugal to host supercomputer linked to project for world's largest radio telescope

Xinhua Published: 2020-01-31 14:08:56
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A supercomputer with a performance equivalent to the combination of more than 1,000 computers will work in Evora, 140 km south of Lisbon, Lusa news agency reported on Thursday.

A view of the Square Kilometer Array in South Africa. [Photo: SKA Organization]

A view of the Square Kilometer Array in South Africa. [File Photo: SKA Organization]

The Oblivion supercomputer is associated with the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project of the world's largest radio telescope, built in the deserts of South Africa and Australia.

It is a global project that, on an unprecedented scale, involves scientists and engineers integrated with more than 100 institutions in 21 countries and regions with the aim to observe and map the Universe.

Miguel Avillez, coordinator of Oblivion, said that "50 percent of the machine's CPU time will be allocated to ENGAGE SKA" (the Portuguese consortium composed by IT universities and local industries), but "the other 50 percent" are to be made available "to the scientific community and companies within the scope of the National Advanced Computing Network", quoted by the news agency.

Avillez, also a professor at the University of Evora, explained "this machine is capable of processing 239 trillion operations per second with "a meager energy cost" and "it will be prepared to store 1.5 Petabytes of data (equivalent to 1.5 million Gigabytes)."

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