Number of child-murderers soars from 47 to 736: South African Police

China Plus Published: 2019-09-17 14:51:47
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Over the past four years, the number of children accused of committing murder has leapt from 47 to 736, according to the latest annual statistics of the South African Police Service.

[Photo: IC]

[Photo: IC]

A leading factor that contributes to children acting violently is that they themselves have been exposed to violence – and even victims of it – says Zita Hansungule, senior project coordinator of the Centre for Child Law’s Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Project, at the University of Pretoria.

This view is echoed by UCT [University of Cape Town?] Psychology Professor Cathy Ward, who said that murders by children are part of a wider culture of violence within South African schools and communities.

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