The next three months crucial for both China and the U.S.

China and the U.S. now have an opportunity to resolve their trade concerns and realize win-win results if they come to the negotiations with sincerity, treat each other as equals, and strive for mutual benefits.

Century-old 'canal affinity' between China and Panama

The significance of China's ties with a nation at the crossroads of the world can never be overemphasized.  

Halt in escalation of trade tensions a step in the right direction

By hitting the brakes to avoid a further escalation of the trade frictions, the presidents of China and the U.S. have shown a willingness to meet in the middle and resolve their differences through dialogue.

Look beyond the horizon and steer the world economy in right direction

To find the right path out of an unhealthy global economy, one must stand up and look beyond the horizon, and this is true especially of the leaders attending the current G20 summit.

G20 leaders meet in Argentina with the world economy at a crossroads

As the world economy stands at a crossroads, the need for the world's leaders to work together is as great now as it has been at any time in the G20's decade-long history.

Looking at the G20 through the rear-view mirror of history

The world needs the leaders of the G20 to rekindle their willingness to unite and cooperate to avert a new economic crisis.

Lessons in history for a G20 summit at a crossroads

After November's APEC meeting ended with no agreed communique for the first time in the forum's 30-year history, it's feared the latest G20 event will turn out to be a somewhat ceremonial occasion.

China and Europe affirm their support for free trade ahead of G20

Against the increasingly negative backdrop of the impact of trade protectionism on global growth, China's commitment to join hands with Germany, and Europe more broadly, to build an open global economy has sent a strong positive signal.

What to expect at G20 when globalization faces countercurrent

The world waits to find out what the outcomes of the annual G20 Summit will be, particularly at a time when globalization and multilateralism are coming under fire from protectionism and unilateralism.

Opportunities and challenges face China-Latin America community

Against the backdrop of increasing uncertainties around the world, China and Latin American countries face both opportunities and challenges in developing a community of common destiny.

Open and inclusive cooperation wins friends from afar

As we come closer to 2019, there is a more urgent need for G20 and all countries to adopt an open and inclusive attitude, seek cooperation, and draw a blueprint for common development.

G7, G20 – Symbols of two centuries

The stunning transformations the world has been watching in China are a showcase of what will gradually happen in many other emerging nations around the world, big and small, over the rest of this century.

SCO Qingdao Summit: A vision from Argentina

Besides its importance from the point of view of international security, there are economic reasons to follow the meeting of the SCO. Argentina will hold the presidency of the G-20 this year, an important multilateral forum that includes three member states of the SCO – Russia, China, and India.