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Trump will keep his promise made to China at G20 summit: expert

​During their meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump agreed that the two countries will restart economic and trade consultations on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

Xi, Trump agree to restart trade consultations

China's President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump agreed to restart trade talks during a meeting the two leaders held on Saturday, in which the United States agree to hold off on introducing new tariffs on imports from China.

Xi, Abe reach consensus on bilateral and multilateral issues

The leaders of China and Japan have discussed both bilateral and global issues as part of a sit-down in Osaka ahead of the G20 Summit.

Martin Jacques: China can lead the campaign of reversing de-globalization

Martin Jacques, a noted China expert from the UK, says he believes China can take on a leading role in reviving globalization, which he suggests has been stalled for the moment.

G20 meetings urged to increase African presence

With the G20 summit around the corner, a former official of the United Nations Development Program is calling for a stronger African observer presence within the G20 mechanism.