Equality and mutual respect promote China-U.S. trade talks

When restarted, economic and trade talks between China and the U.S. should be based on equality and mutual respect to achieve positive results.

China’s new opening-up measures to lead a high-quality world economy

China urges leaders of the world's major economies to seek inclusive and sustainable growth.

Tariff threats are not the way forward to solve trade issues

There is only one way for China and the United States to reach an agreement, and that is through a dialogue of equals. China will never succumb to the threat of additional tariffs.

China counters protectionism amid efforts to expand its opening-up

The world expects developed economies to follow China's example, break through trade barriers, and help underdeveloped regions integrate into the global economy.

Why the U.S. shouldn’t miss the Osaka chance to ease trade tensions

As trade tensions begin to carve chunks out of the U.S. economy, Washington should make good use of the opportunity offered by the Osaka G20 summit to find a solution.

Deeds not words expected of G20 Summit

The world expects the G20 multilateral mechanism to defuse crises and put the world economy on the right track.