Deep Dive: Talks with Chinese Internationals

China Plus has invited 10 Chinese internationals to share their personal stories and reflections of the past decades. In-depth talks with our host Manling give you a deep dive view about changes that have taken place in Chinese people's lives and mindsets.

Victor Gao: every day is a day of gratitude

Victor Gao's career started when he joined China's foreign service as an interpreter. That job gave him rare opportunities to work with some of the world's great leaders, including late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping and veteran U.S. politicians George H.W. Bush, and Henry Kissinger. 

Joe Wong: a biochemist turned standup comedian

Joe Wong established a name for himself in the United States before coming back to Beijing. Now in his 40s, this humble-looking man with a deadpan expression is bringing laughs to audiences from both the West and the East. 

Yu Lizhong: an educator with a social media wit

While some educators frown at social media for being a distraction for students, Yu Lizhong, chancellor of New York University Shanghai, puts it high on his agenda. Find out why in our program.

Wang Huiyao: a scholar or a social entrepreneur?

Wang Huiyao is the founder of the Center for China and Globalization, an influential think tank. When we asked him if he prefers to call himself a scholar or a government advisor, Wang rejected both of these labels. Instead, he prefers the term "social entrepreneur". 

Zhou Yifu: a very real talent in the VR industry

Born in 1990,  Chinese director Zhou Yifu and his team brought their original virtual-reality film to the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Zhou shared some of the stories behind its creation with China Plus.

Wu Changhua who flies and fights for climate change

When Wu Changhua started her career as a news editor 28 years ago, she thought that environmental protection meant sweeping the streets and planting trees. Now, she has become one of Asia's leading scholars on climate change.

Pan Qingzhong: the caretaker for future global leader

Pan Qingzhong now is Executive Dean of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University.  In what sounds like the beginning of an unlikely adventure story, Pan started his first trip to the Big Apple with only 30 U.S. dollars in his pocket...

Tang Min: the father Of China's university expansion

In 1998, Tang Min and his wife Zuo Xiaolei, both economists, wrote a three-page letter to then Premier Zhu Rongji. In it, they suggested expanding college enrollments and charging tuition fees to ease the impact of the Asian financial crisis.

Guo Bei: a shy yet loud public speaker

Guo Bei has delivered more than 180 lectures, in an effort to help motivate more Chinese students to reach for their goals. But Guo told China Plus that she isn't a natural born public speaker. How did she do it? Listen to her story.

Shen Yushi: cloud computing is ALL that matters

Shen Yushi was born in 1978, the year when China first adopted its policy of reform and opening up.  From Beijing to the Silicon Valley, and then back to China's capital, does this middle-aged tech guru now have a clear picture of his life calling?