The Rail Move

China's making a real rail move from the car and the plane to the train. Less delays, faster speeds, no worries about getting a little bit of rest whilst enroute, the trains running the world's biggest and fastest high-speed railway (HSR) network represent a revolution in travel. In this 5-part series of 2-minute videos, rail and media expert David Feng takes you on a quick journey across the network, discovering how the fastest network "came to be" and also offering some advice for better trips across China by rail.

From 50 to 350 km/h

Starting out from Beijing West Railway Station, David takes a quick look at how trains ran faster and gives you a brief overview of the many speed-up campaigns that eventually made the world's fastest train.

Keeping Pace with a Changing China

So the trains ran faster — but where and how? Explore more details, more stations, and more destinations. Whereas passengers of the 1970s travelled on slower trains from more humble stations, High Speed megahubs now dot the country.

The Move to New and Toward Local

When we talk about High Speed, most often, we think about the grand lines, such as the Beijing-Shanghai HSR. However, newer and faster trains are also popping up around suburban routes in China. 

Wuqing & Beyond: From Small to Busy

Wuqing is a station unique in the network. It was the first intermediate station in the world to serve trains actually running at 350 km/h. It's been expanded across the years, and is now in the midst of a mile of high-rises. 

You've Seen the Rails, Now Ride Them Pro

Take it from someone who's basically dumped planes for trains: top five tips for an effortless journey by rail.