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Robert Lawrence Kuhn: I'm trying to tell real stories of China

A leading U.S. expert on China has been awarded the China Reform Friendship Medal for his dedication to telling Chinese stories to the world.

Reform and opening-up achievements over past decades

During the 40-years of Reform and Opening-up, authorities say major achievements have been made in three main industries, including agriculture, manufacturing and services.

Canadian anthropologist, lifelong friend of China celebrates 103rd birthday

As a witness of this historical period, 103-year-old Isabel Crook, a foreign teacher working in China, had just celebrated her birthday and received a special gift from the Chinese government.

From the extraordinary to the ordinary: A story about KFC in China

A simple KFC meal used to cost an average worker four days' pay, but now it's a mere one-seventh of his daily wage.

Former world leaders hail China's contribution to the world

Some of the former world leaders who met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday following the Imperial Springs International Forum louded China's role in the international community.

Think tank experts and business leaders gather to discuss China's reform and opening up

Experts in the business sector have expressed support for China's new round of reform and a higher level of opening up.

A glimpse of China's rural land reform from the changes in Xiaogang Village

​Xiaogang Village is the birthplace of China's rural reform. Forty years' after China's reform and opening up, how is life progressing for farmers in this rural village? 

Artificial intelligence future of automated port

The team behind the Shanghai Yangshan automated container terminal suggests artificial intelligence has improved production efficiency and capacity at the port, helping cement Shanghai's reputation as a world class port city.

More jobs to help faster economic growth

Authorities in China are striving to improve employment conditions in the second half of this year, as part of their efforts to achieve stable and high-quality economic growth. 

Chinese automotive company switches focus to clean energy

Wanxiang Group, a major automotive component manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, is transitioning into an international clean energy company.

​Xi's strategy key to Zhejiang's balanced development

Under the guidance of a strategy proposed by then party chief Xi Jinping, Zhejiang province has explored a way to develop rural and urban areas in a balanced manner.

​Zhejiang city seeks quality growth with digital economy

Zhejiang often tops the list of China's provinces when it comes to economic growth, thanks to its strong manufacturing sector. Now the province is seeking to build on its strengths, thanks to its new digital strategy.

Zhejiang merged into wave of opening and development: 15 years on

Despite its relatively small geographic size, China's eastern coastal province of Zhejiang has had a huge impact in its role as a center for international trade.

International sports events ignite fever for English-learning in Jinjiang

English fever is sweeping through Jinjiang in China's southwest Fujian Province after the city won several bids to host a series of international sports events.

40-year of reform and opening up brings increased well-being

​Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the world has witnessed China's vast economic growth and development.

Young entrepreneurs in Jinjiang seeks ways of innovation

Jinjiang City in Fujian Province used to be known only as "China's shoes and clothing capital". Young entrepreneurs in the city are on the hunt for innovations to meet the challenges the affluent coastal city is facing.

Industrial firms on the way to become green producers

A new push is on in China to try to improve the 'greening' of this country's industrial firms, which are traditionally some of the largest polluters in the country.

Xi vows non-stop effort in reform, opening up

The Chinese President has promised non-stop effort in reform and opening up and commitment to an open economy.

2018 Boao Forum for Asia - blueprint of China's new round of reform and opening up

As the 2018 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference gets underway in Hainan Province, China's largest special economic zone and frontline of China's Reform and Opening Up policy will once again become the focus of the world's attention.

International energy leader hails China's efforts in energy reform

A senior official with an international energy group is lauding what's being done to re-tool China's energy sector, suggesting its likely to have an impact on the global energy market. 

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