Canadian anthropologist celebrates 103rd birthday in China

As a witness of many historical moments of China, Isabel Crook, one of the first foreign teachers working in China, had just celebrated her 103rd birthday and received a special gift from the Chinese government.

Our story- Jino nationality

Jiebulu, a native Jino nationality. He said the Jino nationality has experienced earth-shattering changes for the past 40 years. And he has been exploring a proper way to inherit all the relatively excellent cultures.

Our story--Salar nationality

​Friends, have you ever been to the Qinghai Plateau? Have you ever been to Salar nationality? Han Zhanxiang, 79, is from the Salar nationality. 

Expats in Luoyang (3)- Love brings me here

Meet Richard Markland, a university English teacher and Chinese son-in-law.

Expats in Luoyang (2)-Rewarding teaching experiences

Grace and Shenie, two English teachers from the Philippines, found their calling teaching in Luoyang.

Expats in Luoyang (1)-Thriving in a Free Trade Zone

 Nasiri shared his story with Luoyang and his business expectations for the future.

Xiaogang Village's glorious days

Xiaogang Village, where China's rural reform started, an all-round contract system began, where land can be subcontracted to individual farmers to operate independently instead the collective farming system of 40 years ago.

Forty years of a medical angel (II)

Roberta Lipson was born in the United States. She came to China in 1979, when the country was starting to reform and open up to the outside world.

Forty years of a medical angel (I)

Roberta Lipson was born in the United States. She came to China in 1979,that's when China started to reform and open up to the outside world. 

Breaking the borders

Is it possible for an American national to build a successful career in China? Meet Mr. Edward Lehman, a very well-known American lawyer who has become a success in China.


Ecological farming in birthplace of China's rural reform

Since 2016, scientists have been training farmers in Xiaogang village to raise ducks, shrimps and crabs, as they can eat grass and get rid of insects, reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides. 

One Man's Pear Harvest in Xiaogang Village in China

Follow China Plus to know more about Xiaogang, where China's policy of Reform and Opening Up started forty years ago.

New video details China's space ambitions

​China's State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense has put out a new video, detailing China's extensive plans for space exploration.

I'm as old as Reform and Opening Up

Born at the same time Reform and Opening Up began, 40-year-old Anna from Russia takes us back through the years to see how Chinese people began to fulfill the "Chinese dream" step by step.

Judicial reform and justice

CRI's interview with Chen Junsheng, deputy director of the Judicial Reform Office of the Ministry of Justice.