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China's cross-border capital flow remains stable in Q1: spokesperson

Official figures show that China's cross-border capital flow remained stable in the first quarter of the year, with foreign exchange reserve showing growth.

Premier: China to continue with current support strategy for economy

China's Premier Li Keqiang has strongly rejected accusations from the US and some other Western governments that China tells its tech companies to spy abroad.

​China adopts foreign investment law

China's national legislature has passed the country's new foreign investment law at the closing meeting of its annual session.

Chinese legislators confident for quality growth

Chinese national legislators and political advisors have vowed to spare no efforts to achieve high-quality growth, thanks to the inspiration they received from President Xi Jinping during this year's Two Sessions.

CPPCC annual session wraps up

China's top political advisory body has wrapped up its annual session, having vowed to make a greater contribution to the country's development.

China's new law to improve business environment for foreign and domestic investors

China's new law to improve business environment for foreign and domestic investors

China strives to become innovation-driven country: minister

Chinese Science and Technology Minister says China will increase investment into basic science research and enhance international cooperation on technological innovation in efforts to become an innovation-driven country.

China to avoid currency devaluation to boost exports

​China's Central Bank Governor, Yi Gang says China and the United States have discussed avoiding currency devaluation to boost exports during their trade negotiations.

China's foreign investment law to usher in new chapter of opening up: CPPCC members

Chinese political advisors say the draft foreign investment law shows China's strong determination and confidence in opening wider to the outside world and promoting foreign investment.

Smart city technology improves quality of life in China

Artificial intelligence and big data are said to be helping urban management officials make Chinese cities smarter.

China's investment law to protect foreign investors, expand opening-up: NPC official

The latest draft of a proposed foreign investment law is being considered by the country's legislators during the ongoing Two Sessions meetings. The new law is designed to enhanced protection for foreign investors and aims to promote a further opening of China's economy. 

Official: China-US trade talks still continuing

China's leader of the working team in the China-US trade talks says the two sides are still working fervently to achieve a deal that is beneficial to both countries.

IPR protection key for innovation-driven strategy: political advisors

Intellectual property rights (IPR) protection has been a major point of discussion at the ongoing two political sessions in Beijing.

China to focus on implementing major laws

China is to focus on implementing major laws – including a property tax - deemed necessary for deepening market-based reforms and opening up this year.

​China, U.S. stand to gain from cooperation, lose from confrontation: FM

China's foreign minister said he has a positive outlook on relations between China and the United States, and has stressed that cooperation outweighs frictions in ties between the two countries.

China sees steady progress in battle against pollution in 2018: minister

China's environment minister says the country has made steady progress in combating pollution over the past year.

China's finance minister: tax cuts 'the top priority'

China's Minister of Finance has announced further tax cuts for this year to reduce the burden on enterprises. The minister made the announcement during a press conference on Thursday in Beijing.

Political advisors dedicated to improving rural living environment

Officials from Guizhou Province who are in Beijing for the ongoing Two Sessions have said that the living conditions of the province's rural residents have greatly improved in recent years.

China outlines economic priorities at NPC opening

Chinese authorities have set a GDP growth target for this year at between 6 to 6.5-percent. The goal has been laid out during the opening of the NPC session in Beijing.

AI used to help manage proceedings in a Shanghai court

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology was used in court in China for the first time this week, when a new system installed at a local court in Shanghai was used to present evidence and highlight flaws in the chain of evidence.

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