China Plus Reports

AI used to help manage proceedings in a Shanghai court

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology was used in court in China for the first time this week, when a new system installed at a local court in Shanghai was used to present evidence and highlight flaws in the chain of evidence.

5G remote surgery performed in China

Chinese doctors have completed the world's first remote operation using 5G technology, reports

Ultra-high voltage power line put into operation in east China

China's largest and most complicated 500 kV ultra-high voltage power line in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, has been put into operation, setting a total of 14 world records, reported on Wednesday. 

A glimpse of China's rural land reform from the changes in Xiaogang Village

​Xiaogang Village is the birthplace of China's rural reform. Forty years' after China's reform and opening up, how is life progressing for farmers in this rural village? 

Young entrepreneurs in Jinjiang seeks ways of innovation

Young entrepreneurs in Jinjiang City are on the hunt for innovations to meet the challenges the affluent coastal city is facing.

Industrial firms on the way to become green producers

A new push is on in China to try to improve the 'greening' of this country's industrial firms, which are traditionally some of the largest polluters in the country.