China keen to work with others to share the benefits of future growth

The fourth industrial revolution and technological innovation offers the world tremendous opportunity. China is willing and eager to work with others to ensure that all countries have an equal opportunity to prosper.

Looking to China's past to better understand its future

By looking at China's development from a broad historical, cultural and philosophical perspective, its actions and future directions can be better understood. 

Broad-based tax cuts to benefit small and micro enterprises

The tax cuts for small and micro enterprises in China will help to stimulate the economy and support job market growth. 

Baijiu ban a reminder that China's corruption crackdown not over

China's anti-corruption has achieved positive results, but the fight isn't over.

New Year brings both uncertainty, opportunity for China's economy

China is determined to further deepen its reform and opening up, and won't slide backwards into seclusion.

The sun will rise, and China will be here tomorrow

The past four decades of reform and opening up in China gives rise to optimism. Just as we can be sure that the sun will rise tomorrow, we can be certain that China’s people are ready for whatever challenges ahead.

Reform of free trade zones to give a boost to national innovation

The bottom line is that China's government is seeking to make the most of the opportunities presented by the development of its pilot free trade zones. 

Trade war shouldn’t stop China’s domestic reform battle

The trade war between China and the United States has come to a turning point. This week, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) is holding public hearings to consider imposing an additional 10 percent duty on approximately 200 billion dollars' worth of Chinese goods.

China's congress lays out ongoing reforms, nationwide negative list

China will also continue to improve the economy by expanding the market access via the negative list. This policy has been long in the making, and is an important economic reform.