GAC Motors Urumqi production base

More than 500 cars come off this assembly line every month at this automotive production base in Urumqi, Xinjiang.

Xiaogang Village's glorious days

Xiaogang Village, where China's rural reform started, an all-round contract system began, where land can be subcontracted to individual farmers to operate independently instead the collective farming system of 40 years ago.

Local or overseas brands? Beijingers talk about their favorite cars

We met with Beijingers to ask them what were their favorite Chinese and overseas brands of cars, best car production country, and most prefered car color.

Huawei unveils new flagship smartphones in London

Huawei has unveiled two new models of its flagship Mate 20 series smartphone on Tuesday at a launch in London. The new Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro phones have a large screen, three cameras and a fingerprint scanner embedded in the display.


Ecological farming in birthplace of China's rural reform

Since 2016, scientists have been training farmers in Xiaogang village to raise ducks, shrimps and crabs, as they can eat grass and get rid of insects, reducing the use of herbicides and pesticides. 

One Man's Pear Harvest in Xiaogang Village in China

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