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MSCI to raise the share of China's A-stocks in its indexes

Index provider MSCI has said it will raise the inclusion factor of China's large-cap A-shares in its indexes from the current 10 percent up to 15 percent. The decision will take effect after the market close on August 27.

China's gold reserves grow for 8th straight month

China's gold reserves rose for an eighth straight month in July, the central bank said Wednesday. Gold reserves stood at 62.26 million ounces in July, up 320,000 ounces month on month.

China's forex reserves stand at 3.1037 trln U.S. dollars at end of July

China's foreign exchange reserves came in at 3.1037 trillion U.S. dollars at the end of July, official data showed Wednesday. The amount increased by 31 billion U.S. dollars, or 1 percent from the beginning of 2019. 

China foreign service trade up 2.6 pct in H1

China's foreign service trade totaled 2.61 trillion yuan (about 377 billion U.S. dollars) during the first half of the year, up 2.6 percent year on year, the Ministry of Commerce said Monday.


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China foreign service trade up 2.6 pct in H1
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