Born in 1949

Born in 1949: A Better Body, a Better Life

"I gained more than 100 trophies and over 100 medals. My love towards bodybuilding kept increasing," said Yang Xinmin, a fitness instructor who is of the first batch of Chinese people to take up bodybuilding.

Born in 1949: For the Future of Rural Kids

"As teachers in rural schools, we taught the children at school during the day, then did our own farm-work and housework after work, or on weekends," said Li Xinyun. 

Born in 1949: Empowered by Education

‚Äč"To operate a university jointly established by China and the U.S. is good for the whole world and human civilization," said Yu Lizhong, the chancellor of Shanghai New York University.

Born in 1949: Spreading Tai Chi from a village

70-year-old Chen Zhenglei started practicing tai chi at the age of 8 and is now known as one of 10 modern masters in China. He has been dedicated to spreading the traditional Chinese technique and has traveled to 58 countries where he set up over 100 classes.

Born in 1949: Red Relics

Born in 1949, Jin is the same age as the People's Republic of China, and for more than 60 years has dedicated himself to collecting relics.