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CMG releases 4K video of National Day events in minority languages

China Media Group (CMG), China's state radio and television broadcaster, released 4K high-definition video productions of the country's National Day celebrations with commentary in five minority languages on Thursday.

China-Europe freight train adds new route to Belgium

The eastern Chinese city of Yiwu, home to the world's leading small commodities market, opened a new freight train route to Belgium's Liege on Wednesday.

China pledges green development as Beijing horticultural expo concludes

The International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing concluded Wednesday with a festive ceremony, at which Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered a speech and announced its closing.

"The Captain" leads Chinese mainland box office

Domestic disaster film "The Captain" topped the Chinese mainland box office Tuesday, the China Movie Data Information Network said Wednesday.


China's poverty alleviation experience offers solutions to the world

China has gone from being one of the world's poorest countries to a nation that is determinedly working to help other developing countries to break the shackles of extreme poverty.

Solidarity and struggle behind China’s 70 years of accomplishments

China’s accomplishments over the past 70 years provide concrete evidence that the spirit of unity and struggle is an asset the nation has to maintain to secure its future development.

Beijing's new airport will promote regional and global connectivity

The opening of the new user and environment-friendly international airport in Beijing is expected to strengthen China's links with the rest of the world and promote regional and global connectivity.

Innovation the powerhouse of China's economy

Despite the challenges of unilateralism and protectionism to economic globalization, China is becoming more firmly integrated into the global economy and will promote the strategy of innovation and development.

National Medal Laureates

​Isabel Crook: A life-long friend of China
Sun Jiadong:Chief engineer of Dongfanghong 1
​Guo Lanying: Legendary Folk Opera Performer


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